Nursing Homes Care About #Marketing and #SocialMedia

marketing_stuffAdult care facilities and nursing homes certainly care about their patients, but they should also care about taking advantage of digital marketing and social media.

Although care facilities are meant to offer support for those in need, these same facilities also need to make sure the word gets out about all of the wonderful services they provide.

In the past, this meant word-of-mouth advertising, newspaper ads, and television commercials.

In the age of the Internet, however, the rules have changed dramatically.

Go Social to Promote Your Care Facility

social2Social media encompasses a number of technologies, including video, live online chat, message boards, and more.

These technologies allow users to not only have conversations in the digital realm, but also to share content. As a result, your care facility needs to be taking advantage of social media in order to spread the word about what products and services your center provides.

By posting regular, relevant, and useful content, whether through video, text, or other media, you can encourage people to share this content, even if those people are not customers.

Digitally Market Your Achievements

It’s also a good idea to market your care facility’s achievements on its website, social media accounts, and through other digital communications.

Even something as small as including, “Ranked the #1 adult care facility in the region”, can make a big difference when included in your facility’s newsletter signature.

In the article, “Best Nursing Homes in the Country,” the author makes note of the fact that very few nursing facilities achieve perfect ratings, so if yours has, make sure people know about it.

Be proud of your hard work and dedication to patient satisfaction; tell everyone about it so that they know your solution is the right one for their needs.

Offer Updates on Developments

Finally, always take time in between offering valuable content to talk about recent developments in your organization. This shows that your care company isn’t content to just provide basic services.

For example, Virginia’s Brandon Oaks LifeCare Community recently announced the expansion of its facilities.

By letting the world know about this expansion through digital marketing, including through online press releases and social media, the company has gained more attention, and in its region, it is now seen as an authority on adult care.

Essentially, anything that you can do online to promote your business is worth doing.

The only caveat is to avoid spam, avoid lying, and avoid bringing negative attention to potential problems.

If you are facing a negative news story, consider hiring a professional reputation management firm to help in your digital marketing efforts.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include adult care and digital marketing.