Give Your Corporate Wellness Program a Health Check

healthyIf you want your corporate wellness program to work for you, give it regular health checks.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is it meeting your employees’ needs?

As the following article looks at, “Want your corporate wellness program to work? Talk to your employees about it.”

Find out what would best support them in working towards better health.

Would they benefit most from gym memberships? Healthier options in the vending machines or canteen? Wellness talks? Include them in deciding what to offer.

  • Is it accessible?

Your wellness program needs to be easily accessible for your team.

If applying for a gym membership is long and complicated or the window for ordering a healthy lunch is woefully small, your employees won’t spend their time on your program. Make it easy for everyone to use.

  • Is it well advertised?

Your wellness program is only as good as its advertising. Make sure your employees know about it and are kept up to date with any new developments or offers.

For example, include it in a newsletter, send out an email, put up some posters or post about it on your intra-department social media pages.

  • Is wellness part of the culture?

Corporate wellness programs won’t work in a vacuum. To be effective, they need to be part of the wider culture of your company.

For example, do you keep workspaces as safe and healthy as possible for employees? Do you encourage a no smoking environment?

Make healthy practices part of the daily life of your organization, and incorporate your wellness program into that.

  • Is it educational?

Good wellness programs include an element of education that will help your employees to embrace healthier living.

Take the opportunity to explain to them why their wellness matters and how they’ll benefit from using your program. You could offer seminars on healthy eating, exercise, or disease prevention, to get your employees talking and thinking about wellness.

Your corporate wellness program should be part of your plan to keep your business healthy through 2016 and beyond.

Give it a thorough health check and make sure it’s in tip top shape to serve your business.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a variety of topics including social media, how to build customer relationships, content marketing and how to make the most of your corporate wellness program.

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