Authenticity: Overused but not Irrelevant

AUTHENTICblueSquareStickerAuthenticity has become one of those words people love to hate. Whether it is authentic marketing, authentic leadership, or just being your authentic self, the word has been used so much the meaning has become diluted.

Authenticity may have be a buzzword, but the meaning behind it is still very relevant in business, and it may be the most important aspect of your online presence.

People have been arguing about the overuse of Authenticity for at least a decade. Penelope Trunk wrote this article in 2005 – “Buzzword of the Year: Authenticity“. If the argument is still going on, I have to believe the topic is significant.

In the social media era, if you mislead customers, or lose the trust of your online community, retribution can be swift, harsh and immediate and you could find yourself on a list of Social Media fails,  which can devastating in itself.

Brand communicator, Alice Hansen, shared 7 things anyone can do to  Build Trust Online:

  • Be Real
  • Be Responsive
  • Respect Privacy
  • Spotlight Kudos and Comment on Critics
  • Socialize Your Presence
  • Cultivate a Following
  • Reveal Interesting Details

I agree with Mary Jane Zemer;  Authenticity may be an overused word and underutilized value, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid using it entirely, use it wisely.