Would a Court Case Damage Your Brand?

brand_loyaltyWhen it comes to your company’s brand, are you doing everything possible to keep it in a positive light?

There are a number of issues which can place your brand in jeopardy, notably being dragged into a court case.

Face it; your reputation and that of your company can take a notable hit if your names come up on court dockets.

With that in mind, could a court case damage your brand?

Putting Your Reputation on the Line

So that you don’t put you or your brand in harm’s way, stop for a moment and think about your public image.

Is it what you want it to be? Are their ways you could improve upon it? Have you reiterated to your employees about how important it is they represent your company in the best light possible?

If you or one of your employees does run afoul of the law, keep the following in mind:

  • Seek legal help – First and foremost, get the legal help you or one of your employees’ needs. No matter the severity of the alleged crime, clearing one’s name as soon as possible is critical. Whether you need a Greater Houston Defense attorney or one closer to home, having the best legal assistance available could determine whether you win or lose your case. If the legal issue is with you (the owner), having the foresight to make sure the company keeps running efficiently while you are dealing with your legal matters is important. While some companies do not have a “second in command” or the like, many do. Make sure that he or she knows the importance of maintaining a proper business structure, including assuring customers that the business is still functioning efficiently. If the legal matter involves one of your employees, do your best to support them as they go through the legal process. Some companies are very good about having an employees’ back, while others not so great;
  • Brand image – While legal matters will certainly engulf your attention, you also must worry about how your brand is being perceived during a legal situation. Will customers continue to trust your brand? Will customers have second thoughts about doing business with you, especially if the legal issue at hand is a serious one? While goal number one is clearing yourself or someone within your company from a potentially damaging legal matter, you must also keep your brand in mind. Some consumers can prove very fickle, deciding to leave a business that is in question for another one. Do everything possible from a public relations standpoint to maintain a positive brand image through the turmoil;
  • Maintain team unity – If you or one of your employees is dealing with a messy legal matter, the word is sure to spread around the office. It is imperative that you maintain employee focus on the number one issue at hand, keeping the business moving forward. While some customers may prove sympathetic to the ongoing legal issue, others will not. Make sure your employees do their utmost not to be distracted by the matter, keeping customer service as their number one focus. It is one thing if an employee is dealing with a messy divorce and is tied up in court. It is quite another matter when the head of the company or one of the employees is dealing with a serious charge against them, especially if the issue has gone public. It is quite easy for gossip to start working its way around the office, especially when there is a serious legal issue being lodged against one of the workers or even the top man or woman at the company. Your job as head of the company is to nip that gossip in the bud, keeping the focus on your goal of productivity and maintaining solid customer service.

A serious court case definitely has the ability to bring damage to your brand.

As a business owner, your job is to keep that from happening, along with maintaining workplace productivity and consistency.

In today’s world of brand scrutiny, doing anything other than that could prove very damaging to your brand and your revenue.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.