Add Style to Your Approach to Clients

relationshipsHave you been told in the past that your business is all show and yet lacks substance?

If that is the case, let customers know that your brand does have plenty of substance, but it also does business with style too.

Style for a business comes in all shapes and sizes, most notably the way you go about handling your customers in an organized manner.

Do you go out of your way for them and demonstrate how important they are to you? Or, do you treat them like a number, treatment that could give them less motivation to stick around for the long haul?

If you need to put some style in your approach to clients, do it sooner rather than later.

Show Your Customers, Employees Why They Rate

customersGoing out of your way to show customers how important they are to you should be a given, yet some businesses literally drop the ball in this respect.

So that you do not drop the ball and lose clients and ultimately business revenue, keep in mind how to run a tight and still effective operation.

This is done by:

  • Organization with your clients – First and foremost, keeping your business organized and on schedule is critical to maintaining a well-run company. Whether you use a salon appointment book if running a hair salon or a legal dossier to organize and put a case together in the courts, showing clients you are organized truly matters. With the explosion of technology in recent decades, business owners now have more tools at their fingertips to keep clients informed and up to speed on appointments and much more;
  • Organization with your books – Maintaining clean and well-run financial books is about as important as it gets in keeping your business churning along, not to mention steering clear of any potential legal issues. Technology offers myriad of ways to do your books and be able to resort back to them whenever necessary. Instead of going through mounds of paperwork, business owners can organize their books online, providing them with the ability to check the numbers at any moment they want. To be safe, it is important you have a backup file available with all the finances, especially if the original is hacked or accidentally deleted. Organizing your financial books online also takes away the fear of paperwork being damaged or destroyed in the event of an office fire, flood etc. Finally, make sure only those employees who should have access to online financials get it. Cyber-attacks do not always come from the outside, so be alert to the possibility that one or more people inside your inner circle could potentially lift such information;
  • Organization with your employees – For those individuals running businesses where they employ others, making sure those workers stay organized is also one of your biggest tasks at hand. An unorganized business is a recipe for disaster, especially when today’s consumers have so many choices to choose from. While you do not want to run a business where it seems like you’re the teacher and everyone else is a student, you do need to make sure there is a reasonable amount of organization within your framework. Some employees may be allowed to commute from time to time, others may be permitted to select the hours best suited to their needs (i.e. parenthood, caring for an elderly parent or spouse). It is important that you try and be as fair as possible to everyone under your direction. One thing that can turn an office upside down rather quickly is if some workers are seen as always getting preferential treatment, while others always seem to get the short end of the stick. Trying to be as attentive as possible to employee needs is welcomed, though it is important that you not let any workers take advantage of a situation. When that happens, the office can become unorganized and unhealthy rather quickly.

Show both clients and employees that you run a company where both substance and style truly do resonate with you.

When you do that, everyone in the picture will come out ahead.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.