Let Your #Brand Be Heard

Does it seem sometimes like your brand gets taken for granted?

hearIn today’s combative business world, business owners must do all they can and then some in order to have their brands stick out from those of competitors.

That said your brand has the ability to do wonderful things as far as its advertising and marketing initiatives, that is of course if you put the time, effort, and money into it.

So, is your brand distributing the right message?

Let Your Brand Be Heard

For your brand to get the full recognition it wants and needs, here are some tips to make sure you have your bases covered:

  • Target – For starters, what is your brand’s target or targets as far as promoting itself? You are better served when you have a good idea of what your demographics are. Instead of sending out promotional messages and hope some things stick, know which consumers you want to reach, where they are most likely to be found, and what kind of message you should be targeting them with. Yes, gathering such demographics is not an overnight chore, but it is one that can pay huge dividends for you over time;
  • Vehicle – What kind of vehicle or vehicles will you use in order to get your brand’s promotion out there? Whether you rely on old-fashioned means or more digital methods, you should do your best once again to hit as many targets as possible. In making a strong effort when it comes to advertising distributors, work on a number of fronts. Having a vendor who specializes in the printed message (brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards etc.) is still key today, even though the world seemingly goes more and more digital each year. In producing those printed materials, make sure you have a message that will resonate with consumers, yet not sound like a blatant sales pitch. Those printed items should also be void of looking drab and dreary, yet not knocking people over with loud colors and logos. Work with your printing vendor to see what best suits your needs, your message, and of course your budget;
  • Distribution – Once you have the printed materials ready to roll, where exactly will you distribute them and to whom? For starters, networking events (conferences, trade shows, chamber of commerce socials etc.) are great distribution points for brochures, flyers, the handing out of business cards etc. Always make sure any printed materials you disperse have your company’s main contact information, along with your website address. You can also end any messages in such brochures and flyers with a call to action, allowing the consumer to want to learn more about your products and/or services;
  • Socialize – What some brands fail to do is take advantage of all social networking sites have to offer. For instance, do you have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other such top sites? If not, you are missing out on what is essentially free marketing and advertising opportunities. With the right amount of social media promotions, your brand can be seen by countless eyes, some of which could belong to your next customers. Always remember that social media is for promoting your brand, not trying to sell someone something 24/7. Also do your best to communicate with consumers and other businesses on your social platforms. In doing so, you are likely to get some of them to share your posts, giving you even more exposure. In kind, be sure to do the same for other businesses, building a chain of networking opportunities that can end up stretching pretty far.

From printed promotional materials to utilizing the Internet for your website, social media, mobile marketing and more, you literally will never run out of ways and means to promote your brand.

The key is knowing when and where to distribute your brand’s message, along of course with which individuals should receive it.

Given the fierce competition many business owners face in the day-to-day business world, properly promoting one’s brand is as important as ever.

That being the case, will you distribute a winning message to consumers time and time again?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.

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