Why Good Online Business Is About Always Being Easy

There are always two forces playing on a potential customer when you’ve got their attention. One of those forces is the want or need that brought them to you in the first place. The force that that desire is playing up against is judgment. It’s the sober moment they decide that it isn’t worth going through with the purchase. Every business is at risk of it. Every business can use the same weapon to fight against it. We are talking, of course, about being easy.


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Getting seen

It’s not going to be very easy for anyone to become a customer if they have no idea you exist. Visibility is a part of the business you should always be doing work to maintain. Search engine optimization is the battleground a lot of sites use to compete for that visibility. But it’s not just about using the right tricks and tips to work with a system. You need to stay current and stay valuable. Deliver great content across multiple channels. That way, you’re building your online profile and making it much easier for yourself to get seen by more people. At the same time, you’re building your brand as an expert in your field.

A site that makes sense

When they get onto your site, that’s where the battle really starts. We know that a business wants to make an impact and one of the best ways to do that is by having a site that’s just oozing brand. But being attractive isn’t enough. Your site needs to be intuitive. You should be following the trends of site design that many customers already have in their mind. The sitemap needs to be simple and sensible. Don’t create pages where you could just create subheadings. Know where on the page is most likely to get seen and make that your position to place the best content. If you’re an ecommerce system, breadcrumb navigation is important for keeping them in the process.


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The power of temptation

That element of thinking about where the customer will look on the page can be a very valuable tool. In particular, it helps you identify where you can turn a visitor into a customer on just about any page. Regardless of what the purpose of a certain page is, it should always be tempting the visitor. Calls-to-action in the right places is just one of the steps of getting into conversion rate optimization. It’s also about looking at the data behind your site. Find where they’re most likely go and make that the placement of your best attempts to sell them on your products and services. You need to look at why people are bouncing off your site in the first place and patch those holes up.

Considering accessibility

If you’re thinking about a narrow band of customers and how they use your site, you might be thinking about it wrong. One of the most common points brought up about accessibility is how it affects mobile business. Yes, more people are browsing and buying on their phones nowadays. Yes, your site should be designed responsively to fit with that need. But if you go even further with that accessibility, you can become the business that really cares about its customers. We’re talking about making your website accessible to people with disabilities. Providing alternate versions of the site doesn’t have to be a lot of work. But it can win you a lot of love from audiences that other businesses might not be working for.


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Specialize the experience

Some businesses could use an extra boost just to make their services that easier to access. Nowadays, you might be able to get a lot more done with the right app instead of a website. Web app development allows for a much more dynamic function than most sites. For example, you could really specialize an ecommerce business and make it a lot smoother. You could offer an app that helps people book your services in advance or find out how much a quote for a certain option would be. If an app can make your business a lot easier to use than a website, then it’s worth considering.

An eager ear

A lot of what ‘being easy’ is about comes down to laying the path for the customer. Making sure that they don’t need your assistance. But if you’re going to have that assistance on offer, it’s best to make it as immediate and as convenient as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is by having an active social media presence. That way, it’s easy to get alerts at any time in the day as to when a customer needs help. You might also build a chat function directly into your app or your site. That way, if the customer experiences a problem in the middle of their experience, you’re right there to help them straighten it out. Much better than them having to wait long periods of time for an answer. By the time the answer comes, they may have already lost interest.


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Friendly reminders

We’ve already mentioned how great content can be a way to lure more customers towards your products and services. But it’s even better if you make it that they don’t have to come hunting for that content. Keep customers keen by delivering them news that they want to hear. Start a newsletter that’s going to keep them up to date on all the news and informative content you’re creating. Then slip in deals and personalized suggestions that add even more value to the newsletter. With the right use of landing pages, you can use a good newsletter to direct them wherever you want.

Being easy is about eliminating as many steps as possible from someone turning from a regular person to a customer. Make yourself easier to find and easier to buy from. Make yourself easier to support by showing that support in return. Most importantly, make yourself easier to love to showing real care for the customer experience.


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