The #Mobile #Business Makeover: Turning Your #Beauty Services Into Beautiful Profit


Photo: Pixabay

Appearances are extremely important in this world, and so is money. If you have a love of beauty, along with the necessary skills, it can become the perfect career path. However, knowing how to provide great treatments isn’t the only essential factor. Understanding the business side is key.

Running a mobile company can open up a whole world of opportunities, and can allow you to operate on a far smaller budget. Sadly, without that business acumen, all of your hard work will go to waste.

Here are four key ingredients that will turn your mobile beauty salon into a winning business model. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the makeover started.

Build An Online Presence

Getting seen can be a slight problem, especially when you don’t have a shop or physical salon. Consequently, the need to take advantage of online opportunities is greater than ever.

Building an online presence should start with a quality company website. Adding a blog can go a long way to providing added insight while showing customers that you know what you’re doing. Just make sure you combine this with localised SEO and smart social media campaigns. You will not regret it.

Be Organised

If you’re going to get anywhere in business, you need to gain the trust of your clients. As a local mobile beautician, you have a huge opportunity to provide a winning personalised service. Poor organisation will impact the quality of treatments as well as the business endeavours.

Your commercial vehicle is essentially a mobile workplace. Investing in a van racking system can allow you to maintain far greater levels of control, which can create a far better impression. Above all else, this should help you relax to provide a far friendlier service.

You will be required to stay on top of your finances too, which is why a great home office space can be priceless too.

Spread The Word

The hardest challenge for any mobile beauty business is building a client base. Visiting customers can make their lives a lot easier, but they need a reason to quit their current routines in favour of your services. The power of recommendation is your greatest ally.

A lot of customers will naturally tell friends and family about great services. However, using referral schemes can accelerate that progress. One option is to offer discounts on their next service. Let’s face it; everyone loves getting value for money.

Encourage Loyalty

As a small mobile business, you probably aren’t going to gain thousands of customers. Therefore, it’s imperative that you ensure the clients you do see remain loyal to the brand.

Whether it’s hairdressing, nail treatments, or something else isn’t important. Feeling comfortable is almost as crucial as the treatment. Learn how to strike a winning bond with your clients, and it will seem like a social occasion as well as a beauty treatment. Once they feel this way, you can only be destined for success.

Clients still need a push in the right direction, especially when it comes to regular treatments. Offering discounts for block bookings, for example, encourages them to act now too. As long as it keeps your schedule full, you’re doing just fine.