On The Shop Front Lines: How Brick And Mortar Stores Can Fight Back Against Ecommerce

The retail sector has been engaged in a war of attrition with ecommerce for nearly two decades. In that time, it’s been beaten back, thanks to the inherently lower overhead of online stores. But it’s not been defeated yet. Now regular brick and mortar stores are again rising up for a renewed push back against the insurgents.

Physical stores need to focus on what they can do better than online stores: their displays. No matter how good photos and videos get, the online experience can’t create that visceral connection with shoppers. Customers want products that they can feel and touch and imagine owning. The online experience, despite improvements in technology, still feels abstract and distant.

Here we’re going to ask how you can better present your store front. Check out these tips.

Create A Focal Point In All Of Your Displays



Interior designers have known for years that focal points are essential for creating great spaces. The same principle applies to shop fronts too. There needs to be something on the display that is interesting and immediately catches the eye. Displays shouldn’t be cluttered in an attempt to show all the products that you offer. They should display something interesting that can stand by itself. Remember, shop fronts aren’t about creating a visual brochure of all your products. They’re about enticing new customers into your store who will buy stuff.

Invest In Bespoke Signage

Every single store on the high-street has its own unique signage. But why? The main reason is obviously to signal the brand. But there’re other reasons too. For one, it makes the building more appealing and attractive. And second, signage helps shops stand out more than if the name is simply painted on the wall. If you want to get signage installed, you’ll have to use a company like SAS Rope and Rail. But once the job is done, you’ll finally have something that is distinct and helps make your business recognisable.

Find Great Lighting, And Use It

Retailers have known for years that great lighting is essential to a great shop front display. But in recent years, their options have multiplied. Now that we have LEDs, it’s possible to use lighting in ways that were unthinkable in the past.

For starters, it’s now easier to play with different locations for the source of light. LEDs are safe and small and can be placed just about anywhere. Professional displays always use multiple light sources to avoid unsightly shadows. At a minimum, place lights at both the top and bottom of your display to avoid shadows.

Experts also place lights “off-centre.” This is so that the shadows that their products cast are at a slight angle. Again, this helps to improve the aesthetics of the display.

Keep Your Display Ruthlessly Simple

Don’t try to use a single display to communicate multiple messages. Your customers will get confused, and your marketing efforts will fall flat. Instead, stick with a single product or theme. Remember, the purpose of displays is to attract people to your store, not direct customers to the exact product they need.