Making A Gym Space Cost-Effective & Successful

As a health entrepreneur interested in the workout industry, it can be difficult to know where to start. Not only do there seem to be a million dietary supplements out there, but there are also very famous (and cheap) gym spaces run as chains, which have major brand familiarity and often endorsements from athletes and celebrities. The small and humble gym space is dying out somewhat, but that doesn’t mean your ambition can’t be realized and function as a wonderful and worthwhile business. Opening your own gym can be bolstered by the following advice, so we hope it helps to some degree.

Build Your Space

A great gym space is relatively permanent. It’s not likely that equipment will change its location unless you are switching up the entire design of the place. For this reason, designing your floor plans can work effectively here, before you begin the long effort of bringing in heavy equipment. Armstrong Steel can help you effectively design and construct your own space, allowing for the room and design you most need to work within a structure you dream of. Make sure that you design your space in a way that maximizes customer flow. Artificial queues for equipment, and limited space to conduct classes will only turn customers off, so try to see the design from their eyes.

What Can You Offer?

To get away and compete with the commercial gyms, you need to find your niche. What helps you stand out among other people? Is it your military service and training knowledge, your experience as an athlete or extreme bodybuilder, or some form of healthy and holistic approach to getting in shape? Developing your brand in this way, and making it targeted towards a niche will not only give you the ability to stay relevant to the community, but offering something no one else can will help you get customers through the door all on its own.


Gym equipment is luckily quite rudimentary. So long as it’s clean, stable and well maintained, plenty of equipment can be bought second hand. A straight and secure barbell can last decades of training for instance, and so can weights. Professional gym goers will look at equipment like this and actually prefer it, because it is honest and simple. Rubber plates, rubber squat racks and Olympic lifting platforms are nice to have, but they can be overly expensive and not worth it just yet.

Mats for working out can be found cheaply and effectively, and will only take a quick inspection and clean to get them ready for use. The best thing about a gym is that apart from lighting, some form of toilet facility and a water station, there is relatively little else you need to offer for those entering.

Run Classes

Classes will get people in the door. Appealing to novices with the guiding hand of your influence and knowledge is important, and building a client relationship in this way will allow you to retain those you most wish to keep. Be sure to run important promotions such as ‘new year, new body!’ or meditation classes which can help your customer base feel wonderful and grounded, and connected to your facility in particularly. Running classes helps you provide a service for your customers, but also get to know them. For an intimate gym space, nothing could be better.

With these tips, you will find your new gym space easy to commercialize. We wish you the best of luck.