3 Keys to a More Productive Workplace

How productive of a workplace would you say you have? For many running companies, productivity can be difficult to measure.

Sure, they can rely on the monthly sales numbers to see if things are going in the right direction or not. But can they know if their offices are running the best they can?

One of the keys to a productive workplace is making sure one has the right employees along for the ride.

Although there are no guarantees when you hire, you should at least have an inkling how they’re going to work out.

With that being the case, could your workplace be more productive?

Knowing How to Run an Efficient Office

In doing all you can to have the most productive workplace possible, remember these keys:

  1. Hiring – Take the time to get to know someone during the interview process. Yes, you may be interviewing countless people for a single position. That said you or those doing interviews should spend time listening to candidates. Are they excited about the prospect of working for you? Do they seem from a personality standpoint like a good fit for your office? Is their resume one that stands out from others? By putting time and effort into interviews, you lessen chances of hiring those who will bail.
  2. Human resources – Whether you run a sizable company or a smaller one, don’t neglect human resources. Your human resources efforts are one of the cornerstones of your company. If you have not had much experience when it comes to human resources, it would is wise to turn to HR consultants. Such consultants can give you experience you need to handle about anything possible. From how an employee may sue to making sure you meet all workers compensation rules, don’t fall short. When you have your human resources needs covered, things seem to fall into place better.
  3. Rewards – Last, rewarding your employees can go a long way in making for a successful and happy office. For example, be sure to highlight when an employee goes above and beyond what you need of them. It could be exceptional customer service. It may be putting in long hours on an important project. It can also be something as simple as referring new business your way. Though you pay employees competitive wages and benefits, it never hurts to go that extra mile.

Productive Workplaces Tend to Attract Others

When you run a company that is productive and fun to work at, you’re keep attracting a new crop of applicants.

Although salary is often the main factor when one chooses a job, he or she also wants a good working environment. That is not harsh or unpleasant to go to on a daily basis.

As an example, do you run a tight ship or a little bit more laid back type of office? If it is the latter, there’s a good chance many people want to come and work for you. It is human nature to want to feel appreciated and respected while still working hard.

Last, review your workplace on a regular basis to see how it matches up to competitors. More times than not, there will be things you can improve upon once you’ve completed your assessment.

So, is your workplace as productive as it can be?

If the answer is no, then take some time to get things headed in the right direction.

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes about business topics on the web.