Adding Value to Your Organization – 5 Reasons Why Servcorps Executive Suites are Beneficial to Your Business

The thought of an executive suite just drips elegance. It makes a client think of luxurious décor as well as power and influence. As a large or small business owner, this is what you are looking for. Make it hard for the client to say ‘no’ to your sales pitch. With the right location, a spectacular office space, and ringing telephones, your business will get the win as they have the appearance of a well-oiled machine.

Take a look at to investigate and sign up for a virtual office space including an executive suite for your business.

Keep reading to be informed of the top five reasons why Servcorps executive suites and virtual offices are beneficial to your business.

Prestigious Address

One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a business owner, is to find a way to break into the business district in your city. The rent can be expensive in this area because this is where businesses want to be.

With Servcorps virtual office plans, you can be in the heart of the city in an executive suite with a prestigious address for your marketing material as well as your client meetings. Not only will your office be adequately supplied and functional, but you will also receive a beautiful view of the horizon whether you are in Chicago, New York, Boston, or Los Angeles.

Luxurious Décor

Your executive suite will be just that, sweet! It will have the finest details and exceptional quality. The fabric will be high-end leather with marble tiles. You will notice granite counters or other high-end material in your office as well.

In addition, the agency will be fully stocked with office supplies and equipment as well as beautiful artwork and a huge bay window to take in the view. This will have your prospective clients signing on the dotted line in no time!

A Fully Trained Team

An executive suite with Servcorp gets you many benefits, but one of the most crucial to your business is the support and assistance you will receive from your team. Servcorp has two dedicated team members to support your business. They are there to answer questions and assist you with anything that is not familiar, or you have concerns with. You also have an IT team at your disposal to help with any problems or ideas you have about your business.

Lastly, you will gain a dedicated receptionist to answer your local telephone number, take messages, and greet guests, as well as mail couriers to pick up and drop off packages and other business deliveries to you daily.

Global IT Network 

One of the best services you receive with a virtual office and an executive suite, is the no hassle technology that comes with your monthly contract. You will have delivered the fastest internet speed with one GB fibre internet connection. In addition, you will gain video conferencing, secure fax machines, printers, and copiers. You will get free calls across locations as well as call routing technology.

In-house IT support keeps your business running smoothly without any glitches and voice infrastructure gives you global number portability, a local phone number when travelling, and VoIP capabilities with a Cisco end-to-end voice network.


In addition to the significant benefits and advantages you receive with virtual office solutions and executive suites, you also receive many amenities. Some of these additional perks include free coffee and tea all day while working. You have free and secure high-speed Wi-Fi for all your needs. You are a community member of Servcorps 40,000-business global community to bounce ideas or other business questions off of, and free access to coworking spaces. These are just a few of the multiple benefits your business receives when using executive suites.

Why an Executive Suite Can Be a Benefit to Your Small Business 

Why do companies like virtual office solutions? There are many reasons, but the primary reason is that they work. How many other traditional office spaces can give you the peace of mind, lack of overhead costs, beautiful view, high-end décor, industry-leading IT support, or a fully functional and trained team that a virtual office can? With a one-month minimum term and a one-month security deposit, you can have the business space of your dreams for an inexpensive cost.

When the expenses are compared to a traditional office space versus a virtual office space, the executive suite wins every time because it is the way of the future. Costs are kept down by not taking out a business loan for overhead and other expenses. Can your current rental office space do that? If not, investigate Servcorps virtual office solutions today!