Digital Togetherness Is The Only Factor Of Success

There is no denying that the Internet revolution has brought us together. People from all over the world can get in touch quickly and in real time, while in the pre-Internet days, letters and long-distance phone calls where the only ways to maintain contact – and these were not effective, as they were either time-demanding or too expensive to maintain. But today, people from all over the world can interact online in a variety of ways, through transactions, messaging and video conferencing. Additionally, the digital world has enabled individuals to combine their skills and voices to deliver a product, or even create a viral reaction. The TV show Lucifer that has been canceled by Fox in May was saved by Netflix as a result of fans coming together on social media to discuss their favorite show. Without the social media buzz, it’s fair to say that the show might not have been saved. Ultimately, digital togetherness creates success. But from a business perspective, the art of digital together is more complex than it seems.

Step 1: Spread your online presence

It might sound counterproductive at first, but to build a strong digital front, you need to scatter your presence via a variety of platforms. Indeed, a website is not enough. Customers, however, tend to interact positively with blog posts that answer their queries. In other words, you need not only to establish a blog but to ensure that this blog is regularly updated with relevant and useful information to your potential users. Self-promotional articles simply don’t work anymore. Social media platforms are, naturally, the other essential factor of your online presence. Target platforms that are meaningful to your audience, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The more you spread your presence online, the easier you will be to find. A partnership with a business that shares the same or a similar audience can also give you a presence boost.

Step 2: Bring it together

With each digital platform, you gain a detailed data collection report that informs you about the performance of platform-related interactions. However, to achieve a unique overview, you need to partner with an ETL solution that can extract, correct, transform and load all your data together. Instead of working with multiple tools to gain an overview of your whole digital presence, you can use a solution that combines the information for you. It’s not only easier to read, but it also saves you a lot of time in the long term.

Step 3: Make sense out of it

Finally, when all data are together, the most crucial step for your business is to determine which informations are relevant. Indeed, relevant data support business decisions based on facts. You can react to changes in the market or the audience, if you know which KPI to monitor, for instance. For small businesses, where a professional analyst does not run the analysis of data, it can be challenging to differentiate meaningful data from the rest. As a result, data-based strategies can appear weak.

In conclusion, going digital doesn’t mean your business will thrive. The art of building togetherness through your digital presence and data is what paves your way to success.