What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Business Security

When you begin a new business, it can be overwhelming the number of things you have to consider and implement. Keeping your company and finances safe is a top priority for any entrepreneur. Losses aren’t an option when a business is just starting out, so a strong security on all fronts is essential at this stage. Here are four security items you will want at the top of your to-do list below. 


Any door for employee-only use or non-customer entrances should require a key card or fob to enter. By using these technologies, you can minimize the chance someone can enter unauthorized. Keys are easy to fumble, but cards on a retractable clip or key fobs employees can touch to the sensor are much simpler to use and can allow you to track who has access where in the building. Places where private company and employee data are stored should be heavily restricted to only relevant personnel, and all entrances to the work areas should be for employees only.


Money can tempt any employee, especially when they know they can get away with taking some. This risk is greatly increased when all of your finances are handled by a single person, such as an accountant. This is why good accounting practices include delegation of responsibilities. Every step of handling finances, whether it be balancing accounts or balancing a till, should be handled by multiple people to ensure that the numbers remain the same throughout. With two people checking the accounts, there is less chance of theft, and any discrepancies are easier to find. 


Physical security is essential in any business. Cameras, in particular, are helpful deterrents against theft and vandalism. A professional CCTV installation is standard for companies of all sizes, allowing them to have visual records of what happens on company grounds. Not only does this protect against intrusion and vandalism, but security cameras can become essential in accusations of harassment and dishonesty between employees. For both internal and external affairs, having visual recordings provide a necessary level of security for any company.


Did you know that almost 15 percent of data theft happens through the computer firewall? In a world where more and more business operations are taking place online, companies are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber attack. To protect company data from theft, it’s important that your employees are trained on proper password protocols, are careful with their emails, and never connect personal devices to company databases. Computers should be kept up to date with the latest firewall and data encryptions software. Physical protection in the real world can also take place by having employees lock their computer screens when they’re away from their desk and keeping paper copies filed away.

Securing your business means protecting people, property, and finances. Cameras, delegation, and proper security policies can deter dishonesty both from within and without the company. Take the time to stay educated on all modern business security practices so that you can protect your company from severe financial losses in its early and later stages.

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