8 Red Flags of a Lawyer That Should Alarm You

Hiring the right lawyer is a crucial decision that can permanently change your future. Whether you are looking for local business attorneys for general counsel or a lawyer who’s well-versed with child custody laws for a contentious custody battle, a good lawyer is the key for winning.

A bad lawyer can cost you your business or even your family. Here are some warning signs that you should lookout for

Sloppy workspace

A lawyer’s workplace says a lot about their efficiency and work practices. A messy and cluttered office with piles of paperwork revealing names of past clients is a huge red flag. 

When you are in the middle of a disputable case, you certainly don’t want the added stress of misplaced paperwork or overlooked deadlines.

Unfriendly staff

If the support staff at the lawyer’s premises is unfriendly, it speaks volumes about the lawyer. A lawyer who won’t treat his/her employees well, won’t do justice to his/her clients either.

Moreover, if you notice a lack of staff, this most likely points towards a high turnover rate and financial difficulties. Apart from a lawyer, a committed and dedicated support staff plays a crucial role in winning cases.

Ineffective communication skills

Your lawyer should be available on the phone or email. It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to respond to your phone calls and emails in a timely fashion.

If that’s not the case, then you should consider hiring someone else.

It is possible that the lawyer has too much on his/her plate or is simply not sure how to proceed, whatever the case might be you shouldn’t work with someone who can’t communicate effectively. If they can’t talk to you properly, how will they fight for you in court?

Lack of references or online presence

These days we tend to read reviews for even the most mundane household items, so reviews for a lawyer should be no different. It is always advised to cross-check the past client references.

In case the lawyer refuses to provide references, it implies issues with past clients.

If the lawyer lacks an online presence, it is a warning sign as well. Though it is quite possible that the lawyer has practiced for a while and doesn’t need referrals. But this disconnection from the digital age can be inconvenient. 

Questionable billing practices

If the lawyer’s billing practices raise suspicion, it should concern you. Whether your lawyer is inflating the bill or providing vague billing, it is advisable to switch to a lawyer with ethical billing practices.

You should also be cautious about any hidden expenses. Some lawyers are notorious for including expenses that are not disclosed clearly in the retention agreement.

Condescending tone

A court case can go on for months or even years. Your lawyers should be patient and understanding.

If a lawyer uses a condescending or offensive tone, it should deter you from hiring them. If they cannot use a proper tone in a meeting, how will they react in a high-pressure situation? For instance, you are going through a custody battle and you’ve hired a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable Louisiana child custody laws. But if the lawyer is insensitive towards you in such an emotionally draining time, it’s time to look for someone better.

An amicable attorney-client relationship is essential to win any case.

Rational attitude

A lawyer should have a positive yet rational attitude. Your lawyers should not guarantee victory even when things are looking bleak.

If your lawyers is promising a win even though things are going downhill, it’s time to look for level-headed representation.

Ominous gut feeling

If your gut doesn’t feel right about the lawyer, you should trust it. There shouldn’t be a slightest trace of discomfort between you and your lawyer, with whom you will share your deepest secrets.

In conclusion, you should take time to hire the right lawyer. Rushing a case with a bad lawyer will be a waste of valuable time, energy and money.

Eada Hudes works as a writer for Dh Payroll. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.