11 Secrets Of The Super Productive

So, you want to be more productive. Maybe you’re trying to run a business, you’re a freelancer, or you just want to get more done in general. There are lots of things productive people do to help them stay that way – nobody is born naturally productive, and nobody feels that way all of the time!

Below, we’re going to look at 11 secrets of the super productive. Many productive people do the following things, and you’ll likely find that incorporating them into your day to day life helps you to get so much more done.

They Use Lists

A list gets everything out of your head and onto the page, so your mind can feel less cluttered. You see what you have to do that day, and you can give everything a satisfying tick once complete. It’s a good idea to use lists, but make sure you use them the right way. For example, don’t fill your list with tasks that you could easily do tomorrow, or on the weekend. This will just bog down your list, and you’ll end up feeling demotivated when you haven’t got everything done. Instead, choose around 3 things that you must get done that day. Anything else you do is a bonus.

2. They Plan The Day The Night Before

Plan as much of the next day as possible the night before. Think about what you’re going to do and when, and write out a schedule. Lay out your clothes. Even prepare food! Getting a headstart on the day can be the perfect way to feel awesome when you start.

3. They Visualize

Visualization is something that many self-help gurus swear by. If you visualize your day and the way you want it to go, you’re far more likely to have a positive experience. Don’t let the day control you!

However, just like any other skill, visualization takes practice. You might not be that good at it right away, so start small. Watching videos on YouTube can help you to learn this skill. Practice makes perfect, so start now!

4. They Know What Their Goals Are

If you don’t know what your goals are, what motivation do you have to get up and get the day started? You should feel excited about what you get to do that day. Have goals for the day, goals for the week, and even goals for the month. Goals aren’t always helpful depending on the situation, but they can definitely be a great way to stay focused and productive.


5. They Get Enough Sleep

Although you might be busy and want to get as much done as you can, you need to get enough sleep. Any less than 7 hours sleep, and you’re in something called ‘sleep debt’. Many people are in sleep debt through the week and end up oversleeping all weekend because of it. When you have a healthy sleeping pattern, you’ll want to go to bed and get up at roughly the same times every day, even on weekends. Make sure you aim for a minimum of 7 hours sleep. Work your way up to 8, and even 9 if you feel you need it. Different people need different amounts depending on things like their stress levels, activity levels, and more. Pay attention to your body and start getting into a better sleep pattern now.

Oh, and don’t feel bad if you want to take a 15-20 minute nap. These power naps can have a positive impact on the rest of your day, which is why many companies are rolling out ‘sleep pods’.

6. They Drink Coffee Strategically

If you rely on coffee and drink it from the moment you get up throughout the rest of the day, then you have a problem. You should work on getting more sleep, rather than drinking so much coffee. However, coffee can be used to get more from your day, but you must use it wisely. For example, some research suggests that drinking coffee around 10.30 is optimal, because at this point we’ve probably been awake for a few hours, and our body naturally has more energy after waking. A couple of coffees throughout the day should suffice. Try decaffeinated beverages the rest of the time, or you’ll always need more and more caffeine to stay alert. Coffee too close to bedtime, and even in the afternoon can impact your sleep and stop you from falling asleep right away, so be mindful of that, too.

7. They Know What To Use To Get More Done

Knowing what to use to get more done can be a huge help. Many people turn to outsourcing to get more done, whether this is outsourcing content writing or even just admin tasks. Automation is also a good idea, as many processes can be automated and save you a lot of time. The right software can free up even more of your time, which is why many productive people choose Electric’s MDM for better productivity. Look into your options and see what you’d like to use.

8. They Know When They Are At Their Best During The Day

Knowing when you’re at your best during the day means you can get big ticket items done when you are most productive, and smaller tasks done when you’re not feeling so productive. Many people are most productive first thing in the morning, which is why it’s a good idea to start with deep work rather than emails.

9. They Take Breaks

Taking breaks is still very important for the super productive. Many will take a 15 minute nap, or even play a computer game for a while. Setting a timer to remind yourself to take a break can be a huge help!


10. They Exercise

Exercise in the morning pumps more blood to the brain, enhancing creativity, problem solving skills, and more. Try it!

11. They Ignore Their Inbox

Finally, don’t log onto your emails first thing. Ignore them for as long as possible and you should notice an improvement in productivity.