4 Overlooked Building Maintenance Steps That Scare Away Customers

Go outside your company’s building and look at it from a customer’s perspective. Does your business look professional, neat, and clean? If it doesn’t, then your building is actually scaring customers away. Here are four, often overlooked building maintenance steps that need your attention now.

Make Sure the Lights Are On

If you have a non-working light anywhere on the outside of your building, get it fixed or replaced.

One non-working light is noticeable. More than one tells a customer that you don’t care about your store’s appearance. Even if you aren’t open at night, people still pass by your location. If your light-up sign isn’t illuminated, or part of it isn’t working, people notice. And it doesn’t give a positive first impression.

Get the Trash Out of the Bushes

Customers often wonder if the outside of your store is any reflection of what the inside looks like. Do you have a bunch of dead leaves embedded in the bushes outside your front door? Are there bits of paper and debris caught up in the branches? When was the last time you had the beds cleaned out and re-mulched?

Your landscaping should be as neat and tidy as the inside of your office or store. Hiring a professional landscaping company to come in to clean out the beds and re-mulch is a good idea.

Give Your Building a Fresh Coat

Take a look at the paint on the outside of your building. Is it faded or flaking? Does it look fresh or like it’s been there for decades? Dull, flaking paint brings down the appearance of your exterior, which gives incoming customers a negative first impression.

If possible, give your building’s exterior a fresh coat of paint. At least, paint the front door and trim to freshen up the exterior.

Clean the Concrete

When was the last time you had the concrete on your walkways cleaned? If it hasn’t been recently, the concrete likely has dirt caked into crevices, mold growing in spots, and grime everywhere. From a customer’s perspective, the dirty, drab concrete is a sign of neglect or oversight.

Concrete pressure washing can transform the look of your sidewalks. It removes years of grime in just a few seconds. Having the concrete cleaned at least once a year will keep it looking its best.

Addressing these four building maintenance issues can improve your building’s appearance. This will give customers a positive first impression of what your company represents. Which step will you start with?

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.