4 Tips for Hiring a Good Warehouse Manager

Trying to hire a skilled, trustworthy warehouse manager isn’t an easy task to complete. There is an abundance qualifications and skills they must exhibit such as good computer skills, managing large groups of people, safety training, and data entry. However, it’s a bit difficult trying to make sure candidates have these necessary skills. Veterans come home to civilian life with an array of transferable job skills that can help them find positions like this ones utilizing their strengths and safety, communication skillset even when under pressure.

Talk to Your Current Employees

One of the most efficient ways to ensure that you’re hiring a trustworthy manager is to ask your team what they appreciated most about their previous leader. Although you’ve probably already compiled a list of credentials that you want to see in a candidate, it might prove to be difficult know what soft skills to look for. Are the supportive to the staff? How dependable are they? Did they discuss everything down to the last detail? Is time management a priority? These are all the soft skills you need to look for.

Assess Their Troubleshoot Skills

A crucial part of a warehouse manager’s job is to make sure that all of the equipment is running smoothly. This includes following instructions and being able to troubleshoot the machinery if they break down. While you’re interviewing them, give them a scenario where the candidate must troubleshoot a problem that needs quick thinking and action.

Communication Skills

Managers of a warehouse are in charge of people with different personalities, which makes it all the more important that they have good communication skills. Candidates must have an efficient level of skill in supervisory to make sure that everyone’s daily duties are performed properly and without issues. As the interview goes on, keep an eye on the potential candidate’s body language and their skill of getting the point across efficiently.

Don’t Shy Away from Flexibility

A huge mistake that many employers make, especially new ones, is that they are too strict with their checklist. Of course, every manager wants to have that perfect employee, however, waiting for that opportunity also means you’re missing out on other qualified candidates looking for warehouse jobs.

Take their experience in other fields into consideration. Even if they don’t match the exact credentials you’re looking for, but they seem like they’re open to learning, don’t turn them down.

Find a detailed-oriented person to run your warehouse to the best thing you can do for your company. The key is finding someone who is always looking for ways to improve upon how the warehouse is run, not someone who is okay with letting the warehouse run itself.