Atmosphere Matters: 4 Ways to Create an Inviting Shop Environment

In any type of business establishment, it is important to create the right atmosphere. Customers who see things they like, find what they need, and feel comfortable are more likely to stay in the shop long enough to maximize their transaction with you. Of course, that’s tougher than it sounds. Here are four ways to start down the path toward a more inviting shop environment.

Use Your Products

Customers expect you to have your products in use inside the shop. Visit a music store and you’re likely to see some sort of display reporting what artist and song is playing over the speakers. The same is true of any other business. Employees at a clothing retailer should model or wear the store’s garments, cafe staff should be sipping on a proprietary drink, and so on. Put your products to use to inspire people to find out more.

Highlight Your Skills

Another great way to highlight your products is to show off how you can put them to work. In a bakery supply store, you should see examples of the piping and decorating that your staff is capable of. Workers at a gym should dress to highlight the healthy bodies they’ve developed there. In short, you should trigger customers’ imagination about what they could do with your goods and services.

Maintain Creature Comforts

An unpleasant shop environment is easy to define. If it’s too hot, too cold, too bright, or too dark, people won’t stay. It is vital to understand that you should adjust thermostats and switches to favor what customers prefer, not staff. Workers may have to put in long days, but those days are wasted if customers don’t stick around. Get a commercial electrician to help you develop a strategy for good lighting, climate control, and functionality of equipment.

Bond with Customers

Think about popular ad campaigns these days. How many of them talk about customers being like family or considering their customers friends? It’s a theme that appears in many situations, and it’s a proven performer in marketing. When you can create that feeling in a natural, legitimate way, you create lifelong customers. Help customers feel at home. Offer a cup of coffee or some help with a baby stroller. Talk about something besides just the things you want to sell them, and follow up your conversation when you see them again.

Every market is competitive these days. No matter what you sell, you must be in top form to attract and retain customers. A strong strategy for doing that involves creating a pleasant atmosphere that helps people feel comfortable, find what they need, and build loyalty to your brand.

Emma is a business strategist-turned blogger. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Emma is a  passionate traveler and yoga aficionado. She is in love with coffee, interior design, books, and good vibes. 🙂