Taking Your Public-Facing Business Outside

We tend to think of our businesses in pretty isolated terms. We have our little plot of land (our premises), and then we try to win customers and overcome our competitors. While this isn’t the worst attitude to have, it is a little bit limiting. Things can get much more interesting if you open your mind a little, and see the possibilities of working outside your usual working space. For instance, collaborating with other businesses, or incorporating some outdoor space into your work premises. Below, we take a look at a few ways how you can do the latter, and take your public-facing business more outside.

Sidewalk Promotions

Not enough businesses make the most of street marketing. It’s a highly effective way to market your company, because it’s face to face (something that is horribly underrated in the digital age we live in). If you’re running a promotion, don’t just keep in confined to the inside of your premises or your digital spaces; hit the streets. Setting up a stand outside your premises is straightforward enough (though you may need a permit in some areas), and provides an opportunity to interact with passing window shoppers in a new way.

Outdoor Seating

If you’ve got a restaurant, bar, or cafe, then why not look at setting up an outdoor seating area? On warm spring and summer days, offering an outdoor seating space or not can be the difference between a group of customers from choosing your establishment or walking on by. It’s not that difficult to set up, especially if you have a simple bar/cafe, though you’ll need a little more help when it comes to designing your restaurant’s patio. Adding these seating areas can dramatically change the overall ambiance and appeal of a food and drink business.

Curb Appeal

You don’t necessarily need to move outside to have a greater presence in public. Another way is to look at boosting your curb appeal by doing things such as designing a window display and upgrading your business store sign/generally making the exterior look more attractive. It’ll help to grab the attention of people passing by who may otherwise have simply carried on walking without noticing your business.

On the Road

You have your year-round premises, but have you ever thought about getting outside from time to time, and taking the show on the road? No matter what type of business you have, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your offerings in other areas. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you may look at investing in a food truck and setting up a sample menu of your foods — you’ll then be able to travel to different food markets. Clothes stores can also look at setting up a pop-up shop at an artisan market. It’s a way to get your company in front of a whole new audience, too.

Take the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to having a greater presence in the public and outdoors.