5 Job Perks That Will Enhance Your Work Environment

Your work environment may become stifled when you can’t be yourself. This can make it more difficult to be positive, enjoy the moment or even do your job correctly. Give yourself a break by adding a job perk or two for a better workday.

Include Pets

Bringing your pet to work may be just what you need to calm down from stressful situations. You can ask your boss if this is okay, or work from home and enjoy a pet-friendly environment as a special benefit. Your dog or cat can provide the comfort you need and motivate you to be happier. Increase productivity without destroying your mental health by keeping your best friend next to you all day.

Snacks or Free Time

Eating snacks at work can create a fun, playful atmosphere. You can encourage healthy snacking habits by including vegan or vegetarian foods. Besides this, you’ll be supporting animal welfare when you don’t eat meat or dairy. Have extra energy, clearer thinking and positivity. Some snacks to consider incorporating into your work day are popcorn, trail mix, granola, fruit with dips and more. You can even use corporate restaurant delivery to get the cuisine of your choice delivered to your office. Give yourself or your employees some free time to create a relaxing environment. This will help your mind and body unwind before beginning the next project. This can make long quarterly trainings and meetings feel like something to look forward to and enhance morale.

USB Fan or Yoga

You can use a USB fan to cool off as you work at your desk. These are easy to use and may be plugged into a laptop or other appropriate device. Reduce your chances of discomfort from the heat and work more effectively. Yoga is beneficial to cultivate spirituality, increase body strength and gain peace of mind among many other things. You can use your break to take a yoga mat to a quiet spot indoors or head outside to enjoy some fresh air. If your employer doesn’t let you have the freedom you need to take care of your mental health or to be yourself often, it may be best for your sanity and overall happiness to find a better person to work for. Adding perks to the work environment can create positive energy so employees actually want to do the job. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, there are plenty of ways to make your job easier. Be a happier, healthier and more productive employee when you have the freedom to enjoy your career.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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