5 Office Management Tips to Avoid Workplace Distractions

 The office work schedule often plays havoc with productivity when workplace distractions reduce concentration and accomplishment of tasks.

The job of the office manager is usually varied between creating reports, managing client and/or worker problems and maintaining an organized system of office functions.

Audit Distractions

Part of timing and organization of daily office tasks is to audit normal workplace distractions and spontaneous distractions. For example, if there are certain employees who regularly distract with questions, set aside time from each business hour to slot in this type of distraction.

However, a spontaneous request from the municipal fire marshal for a fire drill and evacuation rehearsal is likely to be a major distraction if not managed efficiently.

Maintain a Resolute Attitude Regarding Dedicated Time Slots

If you go to the trouble of carefully organizing your time to avoid workplace distractions, you need to be firm about your dedicated time slots. For instance, mid morning breaks and lunch hour schedules should be dedicated and unchangeable. Office managers need to keep in mind that straying from dedicated time slots causes major distractions.

Time and Schedule Meetings Judiciously

When you plan a sales meeting, make sure you allot sufficient time in the overall weekly meeting scheduling. A sales meeting introducing a new business product like vinyl gazebo kits needs more time than a follow up meeting on the newest addition to the office furnishings.

Maintain a Fully Functioning Office Environment

Noise is always a big distraction in the workplace. A noisy HVAC system, office copiers or bathroom toilets do more to distract than most office managers realize. Upgrade your plumbing if it’s loud and leaking. Industrial fan products like Airfoil fans reduce noise and improve utility efficacy. This will mean less noise that will pick up on phones and distract employees.

Keep the office environment fully functioning with regular HVAC, plumbing and office equipment inspections. Avoid as much white noise and repetitive noise as possible.

Minimize Workplace Distractions Efficiently

Efficient management of workplace distractions go a long way to increasing staff productivity. If you know in advance that an client plans to visit the office, try to plan a work project that can be done away from the conference room or office where the client and executives will meet.

One way to think of workplace distractions and how to avoid them is to tie the loss of time and productivity to the costs involved.

Locate the office clock where it will not be a distraction to clock watchers. Rely on ergonomic placement of office furniture and equipment to reduce duplication. Develop a professional attitude of management by efficiency, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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