The Brilliant Future Of Solar Energy That Everyone Should Know

In our solar system, the sun is currently the biggest source of energy. Over thousands of years, the sun’s energy has been exploited by human beings for various purposes, whether it’s for cooking their meals or heating their homes.

In the earlier times, the Greeks and the Egyptians have to plan long before the winter to make their homes habitable during the cold season. Their homes were built with the strategic idea in mind to harness the power of the sun during the day in such a way that the homes will stay warm all through the night. As of today, almost 50 per cent of Germany’s electricity is produced with the help of solar power.

A Look Into The Future For Solar Power And Its Technology

1. Its Current State

As of the current date, almost one per cent of the world’s energy is driven by solar power. It has been reported that by the next thirty years, the same percentage would get increased to almost 27 per cent. Even though it might seem a bit far-fetched, it’s believed by the IEA or the International Energy Agency that such increase is bound to happen with the increase in the awareness of solar technology and widespread use of it as well.

With a value of almost 27 per cent, there’s no doubt that CSP or Concentrating Solar Power along with solar farms would become the most valuable resource in the world. Solar energy is destined to generate more power than wind, hydro or even fossil fuels as well. This will aid in reducing the overall carbon emissions by almost six billion tonnes on an annual basis.

2. The Opportunity For New Business

It’s widely known that with every new and emerging technology, it will bring new opportunities for businesses as well. Solar panels supplied by solar panels in Sunshine Coast services are now being produced on a mass scale. Companies like Panasonic and Tesla are already opening up a huge number of factories all over the world. The Tesla Powerwall energy storage device used for domestic purposes is already popular with consumers who are planning to set up solar systems in their homes.

This will, in turn, will raise the demand in the real estate sector, as landowners will now be able to lease their land out for the creation of solar farms. As new opportunities continue being discovered, the overall price of the technology would further get lowered and will drive the technology further ahead too.

3. The Introduction Of Bio-Solar Cells

It has already been experimented by various researchers regarding the use of biological materials in the construction of solar cells. Biological elements like cyanobacteria can make the process easier to power wireless devices. Even though it should be kept in mind that the efficiency of these bio-cells is not close to regular solar cells made from silicon. But, there is a huge hope for such an improvement.

It is believed that bio-solar cells can be used in remote areas where replacing batteries will not be an easy option.

4. The Storage For Solar Energy

One of the major obstacles that companies are facing nowadays is the storing of solar energy that has been generated. The storage of solar power is just as important as generating it, because if the solar power is not stored in the right manner, then the same energy could not be used during the night time when the sun will not be available. Generally, lithium-ion batteries are used to store the generated solar power, but the cost of these batteries need to be brought down because they’re currently very expensive.

With the improvement in technology, these batteries will further become more cost-effective, which in turn would allow better solar energy storage units as well.

The Use Of Floating Panels

There are some countries in the world which lacks the land space for the creation of solar farms. The solution catering to this issue is the introduction of floating panels. Since the year 2011, research has been going on to create the best floating solar panels in the world.

Such a trial farm containing floating panels has already been installed on the coast of the United Kingdom and is, therefore, being planned to do similar projects around the rest of the world as well.

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