Will the Law Be on Your Side?

question markWhether you own a business or you just show up to work for someone else on a regular basis, life can come at you in waves.

It sometimes seems like there is never enough time in one’s day to accomplish all the goals one puts forth.

Making matters more challenging are the times when you get into a legal dispute with someone, be it friend or foe.

No matter the circumstances, having the right legal team on your side can make all the difference as to whether you end up winning or losing your case.

So, will the law ultimately be on your side?

Finding the Best Legal Representation

In order to locate the best legal team, be it business attorneys, a Houston divorce lawyer, an attorney over a family dispute involving heirs or any number of other legal issues, do you know where to start?

Instead of fumbling through the Yellow Pages or blindly surfing the Internet, you can turn to several other options to land the right legal representation at the right price.

These options would include:

  • Family and friends – Unless you are literally in a legal scrape with a number of family members and/or friends, turn to them in your time of need. There is a good chance one or more of them have had to locate legal assistance in the past. In doing so, they can recommend a thumbs up or thumbs down on various attorneys and lawyers. If you are involved in a family dispute (divorce, fighting with relatives over an inheritance etc.), knowing who the opposition has on their side will help you in determining which lawyer is best suited for your needs;
  • Legal websites – As more lawyers and attorneys come to realize that having a solid presence on the Internet helps their businesses, you can stand to benefit from this. Visit a number of legal websites to see which lawyers appear best suited to handle your particular case. Although there should not be any gender issues in 2016, some individuals may feel better hiring a male lawyer, believing that they will be tougher in court. As evidence has clearly shown over time, female lawyers can be just as if not more aggressive, so don’t let the gender persuade you one way or another. Some women in need of a lawyer might feel more comfortable having female representation, figuring women can talk more easily amongst each other. When checking lawyers and their websites, look to see which ones have well-developed sites and which barely put any time in their online efforts. Those that do put the time in can offer a wealth of information for the man or woman in need of legal assistance. Some lawyers will use their websites to post articles about current trends in the legal system, something that can be of great value for someone going through a divorce, business disagreement, family struggle regarding the loss of a relative and how the money and other assets get divided up;
  • Social media – If you’re seeing more lawyers and attorneys with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, don’t be surprised. As legal professionals come to see the advantages to being active on social media, the client can once again benefit from this. Look to see how members of the legal profession use social networking sites. Do they just post information about their own offerings or also the latest in legal trends in a variety of areas? Do they quickly respond to current or potential clients when they are asked legal questions? These are but two of the areas you would like as much information as possible. Short of seeing a lawyer or attorney in the courtroom in action, seeing them on the Internet and/or hearing about them through word-of-mouth are your next two best options.

Going the legal route to resolve a dispute is typically the last option most individuals and business pros want to use.

Given it is the only route available at times, knowing the law will be on your side is a comforting feeling.

Having the right legal representation behind you can assure you that your case will likely turn out the way you desire.

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes about business topics on the web.


Can a Long Lost Child Impact Your Business Success?

Small business owners know that more often times than not, your business becomes a major part of your life. You’re always working on and thinking about your business – whether you want to be or not.

workingmomThough there are many positives to owning your own business, the “positives” don’t always tend to work out in your favor.

An example is planning a vacation. Most people would think that because you work for yourself, you can take off as much time as you want whenever you want. Unfortunately, that is very rarely the reality.

If an emergency comes up or if business just so happens to be very busy, small business owners know they may have to cancel their vacation plans to meet the needs of the business.

If you want your small business to be successful, you have to work when the business is there.

Time Off is Minimal

Vacation time isn’t the only family event that may be impacted by your small business.

It’s difficult to take time off, meaning it’s difficult to make family functions such as kid’s school events or sporting games. You may have to cancel date night with your spouse, miss the annual friend’s Thanksgiving lunch or show up late to your son’s soccer game.

As the following article shows, what about bigger family stresses, such as the death of a family member or reuniting with the baby you put up for adoption?

A death of a family member, especially if it was an immediate family member, may cause your business to go into a tailspin. You’ll possibly need months of time off to allow yourself to grieve and be there for support to the remaining family members.

Hopefully, you have a good business support system in place that will allow for your much-needed time off.

Making Up for Lost Time

If you are reuniting with the baby you put up for adoption, you should plan on taking some time off to get reacquainted and make up for lost time. It’s also best to fully understand the motives as to why both you and the child you put up for adoption want to reunite.

Make sure that the child isn’t just looking to get a piece of your business pie, especially if you have seen recent success and growth.

While most likely it will not be the case that the child just wants a part of your business, it’s always best to cover all of your bases.

Owning a small business and working for you is the American dream, but those that are in that situation know just how much work it actually is.

You have to sacrifice time with precious loved ones, you miss family functions and vacations and you may end up working weekends and holidays.

Many things affect your business, too, such as the birth of a baby, the death of a family member or reuniting with a child you put up for adoption.

If you’re going to run a small business, be as prepared as possible and know in advance the sacrifices that you are going to need to make.

About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Charlotte, NC. She writes on a variety of topics including small businesses, social media and personal finance.