Do You Prioritize Generating Leads?

As a small business owner, you may be wearing several different hats on a daily basis.

shutterstock_113623723 It can also be a struggle to try to concentrate on what you might think of as administrative tasks when you need to get actual work done that pays the bills. Marketing may be one of those admin tasks that you’ve been putting aside so you can focus on order fulfillment and billing concerns.

If you’re not careful, you run the risk of being on the hamster ball, where all you’re doing is servicing existing clients who may or may not be the kind of clients that will provide sustainability for your business.

Set Aside Time for Generation

The fact is, you need to devote at least a few hours each week to generating new leads for your business.

Optimally, you would have a whole team dedicated to this “chore,” but since it’s just you, a few hours will work. If you can spend one whole day generating leads; that would be even better. But better than that would be if you could somehow outsource this to a third-party lead generation firm.

As the following article shows, they know how to generate leads in a manner that is professional, efficient, and most important, automated.

The Importance of Replacement

You should realize that only a tiny fraction of your current customers are going to be with you one, two or even three years from now, let alone six months from now.

It’s not that they will become dissatisfied with your service – it’s more that they may outgrow your business or change in a fundamental way that prevents them from needing your business.

If you want to grow, for every one business customer that you lose, you should be able to replace them with two.

Lead generation can help with that.

Remember that leads are not sales. Leads are leads unless you can convert them. But your sales team needs to have something to work with, and leads are it.

When you generate leads, you are essentially generating possibilities, which is what any good sales team thrives on. Leads are like food for your sales force.

Lead generation has to hold pride of place in your organization.

Whether you sell advertising, porcelain figurines or handmade linen sachets, you won’t be in business for long unless you prioritize your lead generation efforts.

Have the courage to stop what you’re doing for a few hours, or one whole day and focus on what it would take to generate a whole new batch of leads for your company.

It will pay off in the long-term and might just make the difference between staying in business and losing your business.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about marketing and best business practices.