5 Ways to Give Your Brand Some Loving

When it comes to your company’s brand, getting it out in front of countless eyes should always be a top priority. For you and your business to succeed, the more eyes the better.


But what happens when your brand is not being seen by as many consumers as it should be?

For too many businesses, this is a problem they deal with on a regular basis. In some cases, they find the solution to the problem, while others struggle with satisfactorily getting the necessary attention their brand deserves and needs.

In the event you find your brand in the latter group, here are some things to mull over in the days, weeks and months ahead.

You Can Never Get Enough Networking

To start things off, make sure you have these five bases covered when it comes to giving your brand some loving:

  1. Marketing – Are you truly taking advantage of any and all marketing opportunities you have? Marketing is much more than just sending out a few emails, handing out a couple of promotional items, and attending one or two networking events. Your marketing plan should encompass a wide array of options, many of which do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. For starters, did you put together a marketing media kit for 2015? If the answer is no, there is still time to do that even though nearly one-fourth of the year has passed. The main goal with your marketing plan is just that, have a plan in place and execute it;
  2. Advertising – There is a good chance in today’s economy that you might have pulled back on some advertising opportunities going into 2015. If that is the case, make sure the opportunities you do have are good ones. Your advertising efforts should be going out to the demographics that are most likely to buy your product or service. Make sure you take the time to review those you are advertising to; are they truly high-buying prospects or just a shot in the dark you are taking;
  3. Social media – If your social game has been ho-hum or lacking altogether, change that in a hurry. Social media is one of those spectrums that you can get major benefits from at a low-cost investment. If you have a Facebook page, make sure you are using it to share interesting information and images pertaining not only to your company, but your industry in general. You can and should also run consumer poll questions, offer special giveaways and more. If you’re on Instagram, images of your product/s and/or services are a must. Whatever your social site or sites of choice are, make sure you are tending to them regularly;
  4. Networking – Use as many opportunities as available to network with others in your industry. From conferences/trade shows to webinars, you can never meet up with enough industry pros/potential customers or authoritative experts in your line of work. While it can get expensive to go to a number of trade shows, seek out the best ones for your dollars. The long-term gains can be well worth the price you pay now;
  5. Website – Last but certainly not least, your company website should always be a high priority when it comes to promoting your brand. Make sure you have a site that is easy to maneuver around (consumers hate having to wander through a maze), the links work effortlessly, your search engine optimization (SEO) game is second to none, you have important contact information that is easy to locate (this includes emails for department heads etc.), and you respond in a timely manner to consumer feedback (good and bad). Since your website is oftentimes the first image consumers have of your company, you can’t take it for granted no matter how much time and effort goes into making it look first-rate.

As a business owner, how do you give your brand some loving?

About the Author: Miguel Salcido has been a professional search marketing consultant for over 11 years. He is the founder and CEO of Organic Media Group, a content driven SEO agency. He also likes to blog at OrganicSEOConsultant.com and share insights into advanced SEO.