Do You Like Feedback from Customers?

Getting feedback from customers is an effective way to help your business grow and thrive; you receive the input from them and make changes based on the information.


So what are some of the ways to go about this?

While there are different options, sending out a survey could very well be one of the best methods to gain this important information.

Getting Accurate Information

If you notice the types of surveys available today, many of them offer freebies for taking the time to complete the survey.

Fast food companies give you a fee sandwich, drink or cookie if you go online to complete the survey. Meantime, car dealerships give you a percent off the next oil change if you rate their customer service.

While these tactics are designed to attract more people to fill out the surveys, they don’t always work.

The most common mistake that companies make is by creating surveys that have too many questions or include questions the customers don’t see as relevant.

Businesses must begin by deciding what information they want to glean from the surveys.

It should have a tight focus that only requires two or three questions. Any more than that and the subject should be narrowed even more.

With fewer questions, customers will be more likely to complete the survey and provide accurate answers.

Make It Convenient

Putting a box in front of a customer as he or she is navigating a website is not the most effective approach to surveying.

Many companies do it, but in most cases, the customer just clicks it away or even leaves the website for the competition. Instead, make it convenient for the customer to provide information without being annoying.

As the following article looks at, one such method is using SMS surveys to satisfy customers’ issues or gauge their loyalty.

The survey is sent in a text message and the customer can opt in or out. It is available when they have time to answer the questions.

They can submit their answers while they are standing in line, relaxing at home or enjoying their lunch breaks at work. It doesn’t happen in the middle of a transaction or when they are researching for other information.

Avoid Being Obtrusive

An unobtrusive way to ask for customers to complete a survey is by having them check a box to receive a survey in their email.

They will see this at the end of the transaction instead of during it. It doesn’t have to be completed right now and it won’t interrupt what they are doing. This increases the chances of them actually responding to the survey.

Surveys are important to a business.

They tell the managers what the company is doing right and what it needs to improve upon. However, the only survey that works is one the customers actually take the time to fill out.

Companies must make their surveys short and to the point as well as convenient.

It also helps if the company provides a response to the customers about the results and what the organization did with the data.

When customers know they are making a difference, they are more likely to contribute.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and marketing.