Now’s the Time for Your Site to Get a Content Audit

mobile_700Whether you’re just about to go live with your website or your site has been active for a while, a content audit can help get your online endeavors on the right track.

A thorough content audit will give you a better idea of whether your website data is current and accurate or outdated.

Here are just a few advantages of performing a content audit:

Discovering Gaps in Content

Content audits are a great way to gain a better understanding of how your content is helping to improve your website. However, you can also perform a content audit in order to discover gaps within your content strategy.

By taking a complete inventory of the content you provide your visitors, the auditing process pinpoints areas where your website falls short.

This could be something as straightforward as adding more content to product descriptions or something more time consuming, like optimizing the content on your landing page.

Content Revision

If your website is established, then chances are you’ve been adding content to it for years. Adding content is always good, but backlogged, outdated content isn’t.

As the following article looks at, that’s why content revision is just one of the many reasons why your website needs a content audit.

Auditing your website helps you locate dated material and either delete it or revise it. Deleting outdated content is obviously easier, but updating old content to match your current style and tone is more productive.

Besides, simply deleting outdated content is a huge step backwards in building a stronger website.

Identify Quality Content

Content audits are for more than just finding gaps and revisions. They’re also for discovering what’s already working with your current content strategy.

Which pages are the highest performers? What type of content generates the most results analytically speaking? All of these questions can be answered with an audit.

Website Entry Points

Just because your website has a dedicated landing page and homepage doesn’t mean that’s the only way visitors enter your site.

In fact, based on the search terms visitors use, just about any page on your site could be an entry point, including the contact page.

By performing a content audit, you can find out which page or pages on your website are the most popular points of entry. From there, you can improve those pages further while also using them as a framework to build new pages for your site.

SEO Benefits

You can also use a content audit to find weaknesses and strengths in your SEO activities. For example, auditing your website can reveal any inbound links that might be harming your website.

Likewise, you might also discover keywords that are no longer relevant to your social media activities or SEO marketing strategy. The auditing process will give you the opportunity to go back to past content and blog posts and add tags where appropriate. Auditing will also allow you to add social media plug-ins to past content.

When you’re ready to whip your company’s website into shape, keep in mind the content auditing benefits above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including website design and online marketing.