Are You Hiring the Best Talent Possible?

Running your business takes plenty of time and effort; two things you know can get the best of you. That said another important trait one has to have in overseeing a company is making the best hires possible.

Part of doing that revolves around analyzing each and every person coming through your doors for an interview.

You have to look at myriad of factors, including:

  • What does this person potentially bring to my company?
  • Will their personality mesh with the employees already here?
  • Is this an individual that has shown leadership skills at other jobs they have had over the years?
  • Do I see this individual being a major cog in my business five or even two years down the road?

Just answering those four questions can be challenging enough, especially since you do not know the individual other than the few minutes you have met with them.

So, how do you really know when all is said and done if you are hiring the best talent possible?

Education Can Never Be Taken for Granted

cont_edOne of the keys in hiring and retaining sound employees is making sure they not only have a strong educational background, but the willingness to want to further their educational skills.

As many companies are demonstrating these days, the ability to further one’s education is as important as ever.

From learning the latest in technology skills to improving one’s understanding of financial or human resource talents, there is a never-ending list of job traits that employers want their workers to have and grow upon.

In demonstrating leadership with a masters degree, you want employees that can offer your business a number of important managerial skills. Some of these include:

  • Problem solver – No matter how much time and effort you deploy into making your business run as smoothly as possible, problems are going to arise from time to time. Instead of employees turning to others on how to lead your business through these challenges, you want people who will take the bull by the horns and lead. While some personalities are just not cut out to be leaders, you want to try and identify those individuals ahead of time, not putting someone in charge of a department or a major task with your business that simply doesn’t have the skillset to lead. Those employees willing to roll up their sleeves and solve problems are the ones you want in charge;
  • Understanding personalities – Face it; no workplace is ever going to be 100 percent perfect. Some personalities simply are not meant to be together, though that does not have to cause chaos in your workplace. Leaders know how to bring out the best in other employees, even if some of those workers don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. At the end of the day, everyone under your employ should be dedicated to doing what is best for the business, albeit personalities aside. Hiring leaders to get that very job done is another priority you need to focus on as a business owner;
  • New ideas – With running a business, there will always be a need to come up with new ideas in order to stay one step ahead of competitors. Having leaders on your team who understand this concept is critical. It can be very easy for employees to just show up for work on a daily basis, go through the motions for eight hours, and then head home for the day. Leaders come to work each day with the notion that you must always be willing to push the envelope. Sure, some ideas (whether they never make it to the table or are implemented and yet fail) will not prove to be the answer to your needs. The important fact, however, is that you have leaders who are willing to try and improve your brand, not be satisfied with just the status quo.

As you can see, these are but three of the numerous skills that your leaders must exhibit.

The next time you or someone in your company sits down for an interview with a prospective employee; get a feel for whether or not that individual could be a leader one day within your organization.

If they could be, he or she will be one of the best hires you will ever make.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.

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