Payment Methods Matter to Your Customers

If your business brand is not getting the attention it deserves, there could be one or multiple reasons why that is the case.


For instance, you may be lax when it comes to marketing your brand, be it a tight budget or just not knowing how to properly go about it.

You may also be turning a blind eye to social media, something that too many businesses still do on a regular basis. In doing so, they miss out on a golden opportunity to give their brand a strong push.

No matter what the reason or reasons for your brand’s inability to get the traction it needs to succeed, you have to come to the realization sooner (rather than later) that brand promotions are a necessity in today’s business world.

That said how you go about letting customers pay for their purchases can go a long way in determining just how successful a year you will have when you look back at your sales numbers.

So, will you ultimately boost your brand and take credit for it?

Payment Methods Matter to You and Your Customers

For some business owners, they are effectively still residing in the dark ages of retail, only accepting only cash payments.

Now, before one gets all upset about that statement, take note that some businesses are quite content not having a credit/debit card component (or checks for that matter) to deal with. On the other side of the coin, countless other business owners would be nothing short of miserable if they did not accept plastic, not to mention checks.

So, where do you find yourself residing when looking at how credit cards boost your business?

If you have been operating up to this point as a cash-only business, you are quite literally missing out on some golden opportunities.

For starters, many consumers tend to buy more when they are charging their purchases as opposed to using cash.

As an example, if someone comes into your store to initially just by an item or two, they may come across some great sales offers, some of which are too good to turn down. As a result, instead of getting their wallets out and reaching in for some green, they reach in for the plastic. Before you know it, you have rung-up quite a lot more in merchandise than you likely would have.

Take Your Show on the Road

Another way credit card acceptance can help grow your brand is by taking the show on the road.

For instance, if you attend trade shows, chamber of commerce events, local fairs etc. there are oftentimes potential customers just waiting for you. By having a free credit card reader to take with you on the road, you can ring-up sales before you know it.

Another way to look at it is that you make many more customers happy when they can buy something at the drop of a hat, not having to wait until they get home in front of a computer or have chance to stop by your business one day.

Finally, accepting credit cards makes it much easier for you (and the consumer of course) to track where the money went.

On your end, you have a nice paper trail (or preferably a computer trail) of where money went, not to mention for what goods and/or services.

Meantime, the consumer can use those paper receipts to also track his or her spending, something that is harder to do when spending cash (unless they keep each single receipt). They can also use the comparisons between cash spending and credit card spending, seeing if in fact they are running up a more notable tab with their plastic.

While credit card payments are not a requirement in running your business, they open up a lot more doors for both you and the customer.

Whatever the reason or reasons you have not accepted credit cards up to this point, give serious consideration to changing that idea moving forward.

As you do so, you are likely to see an uptick in business, not to mention more satisfied customers overall.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.

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