Makin’ Moves: Know When It’s Time to Move Office



Where you work has all kinds of implications for your business. A lot of businesses don’t anticipate moving office once they’ve settled. But moving office might be a good business decision. If you’re in any of these situations, you should definitely be considering it!

Business is good… almost too good

The best reason to have to move office is because things are going really well. You’re making a lot of profit and have had to expand to meet demand. It’s required you to hire a lot more employees. But now things are feeling a bit cramped. You’ve run out of desks. You’ve got employees using laptops and a beanbag as their workstation. It’s time for a bigger office to make room for your growing business.

Business isn’t that good

The worst reason to have to move office is because things aren’t going really well. You’re not making as much profit as you’d hoped, and may even have had to let go of a few people. The office is starting look a bit bare. There are several empty desks. And all the while that extra space is costing you. It might be wise to downsize.



You’ve got too much equipment

Businesses seem to need more and more technologies these days. People need more monitors. Better computers. More printers to meet the printing demands. More desks. More televisions. And it doesn’t look like you’re going to be slowing down with such consumption any time soon! After all, all this equipment is often necessary to stay ahead. So getting a bigger office seems prudent. Remember to work with some reliable office movers when it comes to shifting all of that stuff!

You need a hotter location

Things are going really well in your current location. But your current location isn’t where all the really big clients are. In fact, the clients and customers who may have worked with you were put off because you weren’t in the big city. A lot of businesses can’t reach their full potential because they’re out of the way, on the outskirts of popular locations. It might be time to move your business right into the heart of a big commercial city.



The current landlord is a bit of a…

Yeah, I cut that heading short. You know the sort of word I was going to use though, right? You landlord might be trying to squeeze you for more rent. They might be on your back all the time about this, that, and the other. They may even let themselves onto the property without notifying you first. A bad landlord is just a headache. So it might be better to move on when the lease is due for a renewal. Let them scramble to find a new tenant as successful as you!

This office doesn’t fit with your brand

Your company is fun-loving, informal, imaginative. You want your office to reflect this. And your office should definitely reflect it! You want the sort of modern offices you see in all those clickbait articles. But the office you’re in now just doesn’t allow for this sort of imaginative design. You might need to move into a place where you have more creative control.

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