3 Simple Ways To Keep Employees Happy

No one doubts it takes hard work and determination to succeed in business. But regardless of how much drive and ambition you have, you can’t do it alone. There are too many complex elements to tackle—strategy and innovation, accounts and finances, social media, web design, customer service. To succeed across all elements of an enterprise, the right people need to be in the right job. And, by the way, your competitors are looking to hire and retain the same qualified, hardworking, dedicated-to-success people as you are. Keeping your existing high-performing staff motivated and happy establishes your business on the success highway. Here are a few ways you can go about it.


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Always listen and take seriously what your staff have to say. Customer and staff complaints should always be fully investigated and used for continuous improve. Praise, on the other hand, lets you know what things are going well. To solicit retribution-free feedback, encourage people to use a ‘comments and suggestions’ box, which allows them to express their feelings anonymously. No matter what it is, listen carefully and take on board feedback from your staff. Being a manager or owner they can speak to and confide in builds trust in the team and allows you to highlight what isn’t working as well as you intended. Furthermore, research shows “tough” management does not equate with better production. Rather, it increases stress, so avoid “command and control” leadership and simply listen to what your workers say.

Set Up a Good Office Space

Your employees spend most of their time in your workplace; likely more than at their own home. So, creating a space to be proud of and one that boosts mood and productivity always gets a greater return on investment. Rearranging the layout, painting the walls, installing new equipment—supportive chairs and powerful computers—mean your staff are comfortable, happy and healthy and can do their job efficiently. If your employees mainly work from home and you’re worried about remote working’s impact on digital agency culture, arrange regular gatherings such as annual Christmas parties and team building activities. Provide remote employees with the best collaboration communication tools which allow their teams to work together effectively.

Offer Worthwhile Employee Benefits

Along with a competitive salary, offering excellent employee benefits make your company an attractive place to work. As important as first impressions are, your staff feel valued and content. Additionally, providing health insurance plans, pensions and retirement packages as well as covering the cost of their laptops, phones and cars reduces employee stress and distractions while easing job duties. What are some of the ways you keep your staff happy, healthy and motivated?

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