Great Habits Breed Great Web Design!

As I’m sure you know, if you want any hope of getting your brand seen these days, you’ll need a well-designed and functional website. However, like many entrepreneurs, you may feel like your web design is missing something. Good design is all about pushing your available technology as far as it will go, and finding creative ways around various challenges. If you’re looking to improve your website in the long term, here are some great habits to get into…

Kindle Emotional Connections 


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If everyone behaved logically, and consumers flocked to the sites with the best functionality, it would make good web design so much easier. Unfortunately though, this isn’t the world we live in! It’s been proven time and time again that emotional connections in web design can be exceedingly powerful for giving any user the best possible experience. The aesthetic appeal of any website has a huge impact on how trustworthy and credible your site will appear, and the way the site makes your users feel will make your products or services appear more or less usable. Whether it’s through interactive features, simple aesthetics, or well-written content, go out of your way to make sure your web design fosters some kind of emotional connection.

Keep on Learning 


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Web design, just like any skill, is constantly evolving. If you’re not all that experienced, it will probably take some doing to get your web design skills up to the same level of the pros. Even if you have a length of web design experience under your belt, constantly looking to better yourself is an excellent habit to get into. There are all kinds of ways to develop your web design skills as an entrepreneur, such as working at a qualification through a distance-learning company, regularly reading blogs from companies like iPage, watching video tutorials and trying out new techniques on a separate testing site. Different learning styles will suit different people, and you may have to experiment with different methods to find a mix that’s right for you. However you want to do it, make sure you’re constantly learning and developing your skills. This will make you a more effective designer in the long run, and will help you keep on top of the rapidly changing standards.

Choose the Right Idea, Not the Best One 


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Although it may be a creative practice, web design isn’t an art form. There’s a lot of ways you can approach a design task, but as long as the purpose it serves is something to do with business, it can never truly be art. Let’s say that a light bulb suddenly flickers on, and you come up with a ground-breaking vision for an ecommerce store design that will revolutionise the way people think about websites. If your research shows that a lot of users prefer the comfort of a classic navigation layout, then don’t chase them away by reinventing the wheel. You don’t need to smother all your creative ideas, just make sure that you’re designing for the end user, and not for the artist in you!

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