Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

Content marketing is constantly changing, evolving and improving. People seem to find new ideas for capturing the attention of viewers each day. However, one method that stood out in content marketing strategies over the past years, but especially in 2016 is video marketing. It is no surprise really – a video can directly deliver a message in just under a minute, while reading content in the form of text can last for hours at a time.

The powerful effect of video marketing has gotten the attention of marketers all over the Internet. Most marketers are now re-thinking their strategies to involve more visual representation in form of videos to advertize their products and content. It seems that 2017 will be the year of video marketing for sure.

The Dominion of Video

It is estimated that video content will cover 69 percent of consumer traffic in 2017 according to Cisco. This is due because of higher Internet bandwidth speed and increased mobile usage. Everyone from startups to corporations will utilize the potential of video marketing. Video marketing can provide a spot on message for the target audience, eliminating the need for reading through piles of information.

It seems that video marketing has become more efficient in providing viewers with much needed content information as well as entertainment. Even with all the other content marketing methods that are being used nowadays like pictures, texts, infographics, ads and newsfeeds, video has proved itself the most effective. Marketers are recognizing this efficiency and are taking initiative to produce more video marketing strategies.

Video Content

With increased popularity of video marketing, it is time to fully utilize the video potential in campaigns and strategies. The content of the video should consist of some kind of message directed exactly for the target audience. Whether a video should be formal or contain some level of entertainment depends on the audience. However, a video should be carefully designed to contain a bit of everything. After all, audience prefers quality, and innovative way of thinking.

The big question is the length of a video. Some people say it should be as short as possible, yet some say it should be around two minutes. A videos length should vary on the content, message and audience it is designed for. For instance, Alexander Thomas Media Company has excellent examples on how a corporate video should look like and how long it should be. Again, video length should depend on creativity and imagination used in its creation, and of course, on the alignment with the marketing strategy. Whether to enlist a professional assistance or go with the feeling is all a part of the strategy and the goal that has to be achieved using video marketing.

Social Media Leverage

Sometimes creating a quality video that will be used in a marketing campaign is not enough. Video that is part of marketing campaign can be dismissed or ignored. This is where social media can be of assistance. A video that goes viral on social media will surely capture attention that will generate interest. This is vital for business promotion and product placement. That is why, it is important to equip a video with generated paths that lead back to the business and call to action buttons before that video is released into the social wilderness. Leveraging social media for video marketing can increase popularity, engagement and even conversion rate.

A Good Investment

There will definitely be more video marketing in 2017. Now is a good time to invest in a quality video because of the good ROI. As it seem that society prefers watching content rather than reading about it. Investing in a creation of a quality video will most definitely prove as a smart move. It is safe to say that most marketers in 2017 will base their marketing strategies on video promotion. Investing a considerable amount of funds into designing a video marketing campaign can ensure better traffic and better engagement from viewers. It can also ensure more leads and increased rankings – all in favor of increased profits.

In retrospect, video content marketing will become even more popular in 2017. Because of the audience preference for video content- utilizing the potential of video marketing will enable a more specific and direct form of communication with target audience and better advertisement of products.


Guest author Oscar is a writer from Sydney and one of the editors at Bizzmarkblog. He enjoys conducting research in the vast fields of business and marketing and writing about the useful insights he gathers on a daily basis. Follow Oscar on Twitter.to stay updated with his latest posts.

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