Practical Ways to Monetise a Blog

Owning a blog is like having a dream. You might have a lot of ideas and a lot of content, and you might even be telling people about it—but what good are those ideas and readers if you aren’t making much money from it? Upgrade from just having a dream and turn your blog into something that you can be proud of that makes money, draws in fans and gets you noticed.



Method 1: Affiliates

Affiliate linking is essentially telling your customers to go buy something from a specific website. For example, has an affiliate program that lets bloggers put Amazon links into their posts and if the readers click on those links to buy a product, the blogger gets a cut of the money. This is great for bloggers that do a lot of reviews on products such as beauty items, electronics and appliances. This method is recommended for bloggers of all sizes because if even a single person makes a purchase, you benefit from that purchase and it’s not based on your traffic.

The best type of posts to write for a blog that uses affiliate linking should involve lots of lists. For example, the top 10 budget keyboards you can buy or the top 5 microwaves of 2017. These lists are overused and not very original, but it’s the best way for consumers to look up different products to make a decision on what to buy. Plus, you also expose your readers to a lot of different products links in a single post.



Method 2: Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is very slow but depending on the number of impressions you get, you could make a considerable amount of money from just advertisements alone. However, many people hate advertisements and with the popularity of easy-to-use ad blockers, you might not get very much money until you have thousands of viewers.

Adverts work on every type of blog but it’s best if you have a lot of content on your website for people to browse. Making several posts a day is recommended if your revenue solely relies on advertisements. If you think you have high-quality content, then you can install scripts to your website that kindly ask for the viewer to disable their ad blockers. If you rely on ad revenue, then it’s a good idea to get involved with social media in order to draw in as many viewers as possible.

Method 3: Patreon and Paid Blogging Sites

There are websites such as the ones listed on that will actually pay you for writing on guest posts on their blogs. These bloggers typically ask you to write something very high-quality that relates to their subjects, but this is a great way to get some extra income and build up blogging experience.

How Patreon works is simple. People can browse Patreon or click your Patreon link to read more about what it is you do. If they want to support you, then they will donate a set amount of money that you can choose on a monthly basis. Most Patreons offer a “thanks” tier of $1 per month, and it scales up depending on what you want to offer. For instance, if your Patreons pay you $5 a month, you could give them access to an ad-free website. If they offer you $10 per month, then you could add them to a special mailing list where you keep them updated with your future plans.