Woah You Never Knew This About SEO


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Marketing a business online can not be achieved without a firm understanding of SEO. Or, the use of a marketing team that has a firm understanding of SEO. You might think that SEO is quite simple, but there’s probably a lot about optimizing a site that you’re completely unaware of. Let’s see if you’re up to date with the latest knowledge and understand how to make a promotional campaign like this a hit.

Images Can Be Optimized Too


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When you think about SEO, you’re probably considering text and possibly links. But there’s a lot more to SEO than that. For instance, it is possible to optimize any images on your site as well. Optimizing images has the same impact as optimizing text but here’s the kicker. Unlike text, users won’t be able to tell that your images have been changed to maximise the impact of SEO. As such, it is a subtle way of ensuring that your website gets to the top of the SERPs. This is one of the reasons why you should be thinking about adding more images, pictures, photos and graphics to your website. However, you do need to make sure that you pick the right ones.

Off Site, SEO Is More Effective


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You’re probably under the impression that SEO always requires changing your site. This isn’t true, and in many cases, an SEO campaign can have more of an impact if most of the alterations occur off site. For instance, social media is fast becoming one of the best ways to optimize a business online. You can use social media to encourage sharing content online. Every time a piece of content from your site is shared, it improves your site ranking. Imagine what would happen if every piece of content that you released online went viral. Your site would quickly rise to the top of SERPs. That’s why you do need to think about how to promote your website on other areas of your profile. You can’t just focus on adding keywords and content to your business web page.

It’s Not A Guarantee


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If you’re using an SEO company to optimise your site, you do need to keep one important detail in mind. Success is not a guarantee. No SEO business can guarantee that your company reaches page one of the SERPs. Not even Google can ensure this for your business, and they have opened up lawsuits against companies making promises like this to their clients. You should use a business that is confident in what they can deliver. But you need to avoid companies giving empty promises to their clients.

It Isn’t Everything

Lastly, you might think that with all the buzz around SEO it’s all you need for your site to be a success online. This isn’t true, and while it’s a large piece of the puzzle, it’s never going to be the final answer. You need to think about what happens when your customers click on the site. Are they impressed by the design or do they instantly disappear to seek out your competition?


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