3 Tips for Better Conversion Rates with Your Videos

Statistics have proven that adding videos to your site can dramatically improve your conversion rates. Not all videos are created equally, so tinkering with your videos to figure out what works best is essential.

Assuming you already track the basics for your sales pages, you’ll be able to quickly determine how your videos are performing, or where there’s a weak link that needs to be fixed.

#1: Split-Test Different Approaches

Making multiple videos will add to the amount of work you have to do, but at the end of the day it will provide you with a lot of insight into which approach works best. You may only need to tweak a few things, like at which point you ask for the sale. Slight changes like these can make a big difference on how well your video converts.

Don’t get into the habit of making just one video and crossing your fingers that it works. Try out a minimum of two videos and see which one returns better numbers. With that new information you’ll be able to make better choices for your videos going forward.

Things you’ll want to look for during your test:

  • Time spent on page.
  • Click-through rate for buy button.
  • Completed sales originating from video page.

Keep in mind that these are only simple metrics, and should only be used as a guide. Generally, if a visitor spends more time on the page it means they’re watching more of your video, but this is not always the case, and isn’t necessary to make a sale, as we’ll see later.

#2: Clearly Describe Your Product or Service

Most people don’t like being sold, but they love to buy. When you come from the angle of explaining something to them rather than making a hard sell, their defenses aren’t up as much and they get lost in the explanation rather than feeling like you’re pushing something onto them.

Use an explainer video to tell visitors what you do or how your product works. These things not only sell products like hotcakes, but they pre-sell your visitors as well. If they don’t buy right away, the message still gets through and after they mull it over a bit they’ll remember it next time and will buy without needing to rewatch the video.

#3: Play Around With Video Placement

Where your video shows up on the page can also factor into whether or not it gets watched. And keep in mind that visitors may not even watch your video and still be more likely to convert just because they have the option to watch it. That’s how powerful video is, and how helpful it can be in your quest for more customers.

If you place your video at the top, are visitors more likely to watch it? Or would they prefer a story first and then the opportunity to watch a video? It’s questions like these that you’ll get answers to when you start moving your video around the page and seeing what changes.

Master your videos and you’ll master your conversion rates. Happy tinkering!