How to Build an #eCommerce Store from Scratch

Many businesses have decided to invest in an e-commerce solution in the last few years. It undoubtedly provides easier management and has lower costs, but it’s also not something to be taken lightly. Just like with launching any store, you will have to do certain things and make decisions to create a reliable and respectable business. It takes time and patience of course, but also great research skills and the ability to process data to your advantage to create a brand the customers will trust. You also want to achieve success and be profitable in order to get a return on your investment and expand your business and grow.

I have put together some advice for you to consider that will help you plan your eCommerce venture and prepare you for success. You can use this information to create your own online store instead of selling on Amazon or eBay. In this way you will become a business in your own right and gain respect as a brand. So take a look at our list and good luck with your future business project.

1.    Decide on a product or service

It’s all about the product today. Since competition is fierce in some fields and it can even be ruthless, you must choose a product that fits with your capabilities. You may think you know what you want, but never make that decision quickly or without taking data into consideration. Research the market and see how the most popular brands are doing in respect to sales and quality. Also, the best way to know how not to make mistakes is by observing them and learning from their aftermath. Check out the lists and examples of the worst product launches and recommendations for how to avoid these pitfalls.

2.    Make a plan

Never do any important projects, or anything at all, without a plan. It’s the crucial element of every life-changing situation and can help you make better decisions. Start with a comprehensive plan including the idea you had in mind, and then break it up into micro plans reach each milestone. When it comes to planning, being as detailed as possible, no matter how silly it may sound, is always the best approach. A sound and carefully drafted plan will help you evaluate your methods and ideas as well as prepare you for future challenges.

3.    Development of your product

There are two ways to go here: make your own or source the products. In the end, you will have to sell them both through your e-commerce store, but the investment may be bigger or smaller depending on the development process of the product. You can acquire your product in four ways: making, manufacturing, wholesaling and drop shipping. It’s crucial to decide the best approach for your business as your e-commerce store depends on it. Sometimes the most obvious direction is not the wisest one and can make it harder for you to establish yourself. So, make sure you know how to obtain your product, the pros and cons of the method and then start building your business from there.

4.    Don’t underestimate your competition

One part of your research will require you look up all the businesses which can be considered competition. This includes online stores as well as product manufacturers and their marketing ideas, especially if you make your own product. Never underestimate even the smallest ones because as a fledgling business you can review their moves and assess their strategy, and even predict where it will take them. This ability to predict the potential direction in which your competition is heading is what will help you be prepared to match and outsmart their actions. The most valuable advice we can give you is to never look down on others in the same business as you but to observe them analytically and objectively so you can come to emotionless and logical conclusions.

5.    Create your e-commerce portal

Since e-commerce means you’ll be selling the product online, the one thing you can’t do without is a website. There are free options and you can try doing it all by yourself, but that can prove to be riskier and can have a negative impact on your business. There are various experts today like WebDel Web Developers who can help you choose the right domain name and perform quality SEO, so that you can count on your customers finding you easily and having no trouble ordering and paying for the product. This will be a cost-effective decision and will provide you with a secure and reliable solution for your business.

6.    Marketing your store

Although you may think that SEO will do it all for you, there are still some things you must do to have a successful marketing campaign and one of them is your behaviour and contact with your customers. Because your communication will be impersonal, you have to create a positive relationship as though they have physically visited your store and used your services. This can be achieved with a timely response to their requests and questions, as well as with appropriate language and a respectable manner of addressing. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool, especially today when every opinion can find its audience on the social networks and other tools for expressing thoughts and reviews.

All in all

This all seems like a lot to take in and, for a moment there, you may feel the urge to give up on your idea, but there are no easy ways to be successful in business even if it’s something you love. Every beginning will make you doubt yourself and the certainty of the realisation of your plans, but persistence and unrelenting determination are the foundations of every successful business venture.

Guest Author, Neil, is a digital marketing enthusiast, DIY hobbyist and a beginner at the blogging scene. His home is the whole world because he travels a lot. While you are reading this he is probably somewhere other than where he was yesterday.