How to Keep Employees Productive during Renovations

A renovation can be a great way to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your business. Whether it be renovating facilities that have become outdated, performing necessary repairs, or building out a brand new space, renovations can be an exciting time and can serve as a great rallying point for your employees. The problem comes, though, when trying to figure out how to continue to effectively utilize your employees, even when their typical workspace is disrupted in some way. Fortunately, there are a few areas where you can re-direct their attention and energy to ensure they continue to make a valuable contribution to your company.

Let Them Help

If the renovations are fairly minor and low-risk, you can potentially recruit interested employees to assist in the renovation efforts. Now, to be sure, some renovations, like metal roof repair, knocking down walls, or electrical work, should be left to the professionals. However, more simple tasks, such as painting or organizing, can be left to those employees who are displaced. Just be sure to keep the activities especially low-risk to help prevent any worker’s compensation claims.

Let Them Prospect

If your business depends on customer retention to succeed, it’s likely that most of your business’s efforts are focused on doing just that. Of course, you probably have employees dedicated to prospecting new customers as well, however, the more energy you’re able to devote to prospecting, the better. Allow employees who can’t be at their desk to engage with local businesses to network and prospect, even if that’s not what they normally do. By taking this time to allow them to re-focus by doing a different task, they’ll be even more effective and productive at their typical task when they’re able to return to it.

Let Them Dream

Any interruption in normal business activities is typically an opportunity for your employees to talk amongst themselves. Why not take advantage of this talking to gain new ideas for your business, moving forward? Gather affected employees together and guide them in discussion of what ideas they have, what changes they would like to see, and any other contributions they can make to the future of the business. By letting them know their voices are heard, you’ll increase retention and potentially gain some great ideas in the process.

Let Them Serve

If your normal business location is going to be totally out of commission for a while, it can be a great opportunity to do some community service while you wait to be able to return. Get your employees out in the community picking up trash, repairing homes, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or whatever else you’re passionate about. These times of service help your community, improve your public image, and help give your employees greater appreciation for the company they work for.

Keep It Smooth

Whatever you do during a renovation, ensure that you have it planned out well in advance to ensure your employees’ engagement doesn’t suffer. Let your employees know that things are likely to be different but that doesn’t mean your expectations are lower or that they’re free to do as they please. If you still plan on paying them, they still owe you work of some kind in exchange for that pay. If you can make that work stimulating and beneficial, then all parties are sure to benefit.

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.