Why Use Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram Stories is quite popular Instagram’s feature for boosting authentic engagement with followers. As over 300 million people use it daily, it’s easier to turn this engagement into sales with a great call-to-action and to expand your reach. The 20% of Stories posted by brands leads to direct interaction with customers.

Moreover, over 50% of businesses are already using Stories, while 88% of brands plan on start using them in 2018. Hence, your business needs to catch on or risk being left behind.

Stories offer businesses the chance to take their followers behind the scenes to see what it takes to organize an event or launch a product, thus building much engagement.

Brands can also run campaigns to reach a certain audience. For instance, Tiket.com, an Indonesian online travel company, used Stories to reach a younger audience and increase its app downloads. As a result, 26 million Indonesians were reached and the app recorded 239,000 downloads.

More so, with a widespread reach, Instagram ads provide a high ROI. For example, Country Road, a retailer, used them to market Capsule, reach a wider market, and increase its return on ad spending. It managed to reach 409,000 people and earned 18 times return on ad spending for an average website purchase.

To learn more about why your business needs to use Instagram Stories, check out the infographic below:


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