From lackluster office décor to irritating office jargon: The biggest office complaints

Hopefully there are lots of things about your workplace and your work day that motivate you to do your best, to create, to be a great team player. But there are things that are perhaps most universally shared when it comes to office complaints. For example, a whole lot of people think that the dull décor that surrounds most workers is really ripe for change. The décor is blah by design, of course: It’s thought that a blank slate is great for creativity and motivation as a place that people can make their own.

Another big shared no-no that workers find irritating? Jargon. And then there are office setting-related things to get mad about, such as the temperature. (Of course we’ve all had a co-worker who is either too hot or too cold, and everyone else has to suffer because of it.) What other irritants top the list? This graphic helps explain them.