4 Things Companies Can Learn From NASA for Better Business

It’s always wise to look for role models in the business world. If you are looking to create a business that will survive into the future, why not follow in the footsteps of an agency that’s always been at the forefront of science and technology? Below are just a few things your company could learn from NASA

Learn How to Improvise

While NASA is best known for its meticulous planning, it also has a fantastic ability to make changes on the fly. One only needs to look at the Apollo 13 disaster to see how NASA’s engineers were able to come up with solutions using limited resources to see just how crafty the agency can be. It’s important for every business to learn how to fix its problems even when plans go awry.

Upgrade Based on Need

Though NASA uses some of the most advanced equipment in the world, it’s actually rather slow to upgrade much of its technology. Some of its machines are actually so old that the agency has to buy parts off of eBay, but they’re still in use for good reason – they work. As a business, it’s important to make changes when necessary but not to abandon the systems that still work.

Recruit the Best and Brightest

NASA hires some of the best engineers, computer scientists, pilots, and administrators in the world. They may still pay a government salary, but the organization puts an incredible amount of energy into recruiting the best of the best. It’s important that traditional businesses do the same, making sure they get access to the type of talents that can help them to reach their own goals.

Plan for the Long-Term

Finally, NASA is incredible when it comes to their long-term plans. NASA doesn’t just have missions planned for today – they’ve got missions planned for decades to come. They also invest in technologies that are meant to last, just as your business should make sure to set up relationships that will stand the test of time. From your hermetic seal supplier to your vendors, it’s important to follow NASA’s lead and turn your eyes towards the future.

If you’re looking for role models in the business world, you can do much worse than NASA. Be prepared to plan for the future when you can, improvise when you can’t, and rely on your employees to help bring your business into the future. If you can follow in NASA’s footsteps, you can create a business that’s prepared for a bright future.

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