Getting To Know Your Customers To Maximise The Opportunities For Your Business

How many of us business owners and entrepreneurs truly know the behaviours of our customer? Do we know their buying habits? How long it takes from the idea of making a purchase or ordering a service right through to the actual implementation of it? How do we know if we are advertising in the right way or whether our website is really as well-received as we would like it to be? The truth is, none of us really know the full extent of the answers to the above questions.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that you do all that you can to maximise the potential of your business and sales, however, not everyone can see the bigger picture and often the answers lie within your customer, the buyer behaviours and also the products and what makes them unique. There are always going to be ways to give you a better insight, here are some of the ways you get to know your customer a little better.

Use website or smart application insights

Most of us will have a website advertising and showcasing our business and some of us will even have an application for smartphones that run alongside it. But these two valuable tools to our business can also provide us with very important information about our buyers habits. The bounce rate from your pages and even the demographic such as typical age and location of your prospective buyers. These things are all recorded within your website and behind the scenes, and it can give you excellent knowledge to understand exactly what you can get out of your products and websites and perhaps what needs improvement. For example, if you are noticing a high bounce rate this might mean that your website is taking too long to upload, and so you may need to think about the image sizing for example, or make some changes. The demographic is also important as this can help with marketing campaigns and social media strategies, allowing you to reach out to your audience and get a better responsibility from advertisements and content.

Engage with your audience

A real secret weapon to understanding your customers more is to engage with them and social media is a great way to do this. Having a strategy for your marketing in place could mean consistent posts being published online. So you may find that you get comments and thoughts in response to those posts, but engaging further and having a conversation with your customer could really open your eyes to their needs and desires from your business. Social media is all about interaction, and the more an account does that, the better it is for the algorithm and also things such as popularity and increasing in followers. An organic following is the key here, and it is more important than ever for businesses to use social media in the right way. A content strategy will help you do a mix of advertising and topical posts to keep your readership informed, with the sole purpose of directing traffic to your website and essentially creating sales. This is also a great way for you to get to know your audience and to be more aware of the type of content they want to see.

What’s your USP?

A USP is your unique selling proposition or point, and this is what makes your business stand out from the crowd. Your USP is essentially what will attract your customers to your business and website, so taking time to figure out what makes your products and services different is essential. It can even stem back to your brand and brand message. What was your reason for starting this business? Was it to make something more accessible? Did you have a particular demographic that you were trying to target? Essentially, what makes this unique? Figuring this out to help your business can mean that any content published and also the products and services are going to be attractive, and ultimately help you to gain more orders and sales.