4 Popular Materials Many Production Companies Are Moving Towards

From vinyl in the 1970s to colored plastic in the 2000s, the materials our favorite products are made from change and evolve over time. The current trend is moving away from cheap, disposable materials to premium, long-lasting ones. Lightweight materials are also taking the spotlight as technology products become increasingly small and thin. Read on to learn about four trending materials that production companies are moving toward.

Make Tech More Attractive With Aluminum

No longer just for foil, aluminum has overtaken plastic as the material of choice for personal electronic devices like phones, laptop computers and tablets. Aluminum is not only an attractive material but also lightweight and fully recyclable. Other uses of aluminum include airplane components and siding for homes. Look for this strong, shiny metal to show up in unexpected places as its popularity grows.

Create Custom Products With Silicone

Durable and non-toxic, silicone is a material that’s being used in everything from medical devices to cooking utensils and bakeware. A great advantage of silicone is that it can be easily customized for different needs. The key to unlocking the versatile potential of silicone is all in the mixing. Consult with several different silicone mixing equipment suppliers to find the right equipment for making your custom silicone products.

Harness the Strength of Graphite

Speaking of versatility, graphite is one of the most versatile materials in production. The same substance that forms the lead in an artist’s pencil is also used to make lithium-ion batteries. Another important application for graphite is the production of graphene sheets, the world’s strongest material. We’re only just beginning to explore the potential of these ultrathin, highly conductive sheets. Applications being tested include sports equipment, flexible phones and tablets, medical devices and aerospace technology.

Get Cooking With Copper

You know copper as a premium material for home plumbing, but its uses go far beyond just pipes. An excellent conductor of electricity, copper is a prime choice for wiring in homes and technology. Using copper wiring in your high-tech products instead of cheaper alternatives increases their quality and longevity, boosting your brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Copper is also an unconventional choice for cooking utensils. Premium copper cookware is exploding in popularity because its conductive properties allow for tight control of heat.

Remember, trendiness doesn’t automatically make a material the best choice for your product. Always evaluate the needs of your customers before choosing materials and make sure you put quality and functionality ahead of marketability.

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