7 Characteristics of High-Converting CTA Buttons

What is CTA, or Call to Action? Simply speaking, this is a term used in marketing management to promote the content and advertise selling. It is a way to communicate with your customers, and invite them to reach out to you. CTA buttons are found on all major websites since they are one of the most vital points of online marketing. Now that we’ve covered the definition behind the meaning, let’s look at what the 7 characteristics of high-converting CTA buttons are.

When we talk about ways to enhance your business marketing methods, CTA buttons are a necessity. They speed up the process of advertising and give a clear path for a customer looking for a way to reach out to you. But, what are the actual characteristics of high-converting CTA buttons?  What makes them so popular and useful? Most of all, what is the best way to implement one on your website?

1. They are buttons!

Although it may seem like an understatement, it is essential that you understand that they are designed to be buttons. They are not text, or a hyperlink, or an image.  If you wish to implement them, always use a button. While you might think that putting a funny gif that would invite your customers to buy your product might be a good idea, I strongly advise against it.

CTA buttons are simple and clear, do not try to make them complex. After all, people like to press buttons that do stuff. It is in our nature. A button should remain a button!

2. CTA buttons must speak clearly to the client

If you think that the most important part of a CTA button is the size, or the color, or the font, you are wrong. The only thing that makes a CTA button useful is the purpose it serves. You have to be clear with what the button should say. If a customer knows where the button leads, they will click on it. With that in mind, always be clear and simplistic when it comes to writing in the body of the button. Do not try to be creative, as it can be a double-edged sword.

We can safely say that one of the most vital characteristics of high-converting CTA buttons is the clear message they are sending to the customer.

3. The placement of CTA buttons

Another characteristic of CTA buttons is the logical placement. If we look at the basics of any UX design, we always must think from the perspective of the customer. User experience is the most essential part of any website, and it makes the difference between having a lot of users and having no users at all.

CTA button should be clearly visible, and it should be on the viewing path of the reader. For example, let’s look at a website that posts news. You can have a page with multiple articles, where you can only see a featured image and a snippet of what you can read about. Underneath it, you will find a CTA button that says Read More.

That is a perfect example of how a CTA button should be used. It is right on the viewing path of a reader, and it is naturally placed. If you are looking for ways to increase your marketing efforts, logical CTA button placement would be a good way to start.

4. Aesthetics of CTA buttons

While we can agree that the font and the color of a CTA button are not the most crucial aspect, it is essential to talk about how important they really are. The color of a CTA button should always be in contrast with the rest of the page. That is the best way to make it visually appealing and noticeable.

It is up to your graphic designer to find the best color to use for CTA buttons. Some companies spend weeks and months of testing, only to find the best combination of colors that would fit the page and attract customers. To a layman, it can look like wasting of time. However, our subconscious knows best, and we are often drawn to specific combinations of colors, while others repel us.

5. Accessibility of CTA buttons

We spoke before about the logical placement of CTA buttons, and how they should be in the viewing path of the reader. However, what if we have multiple CTA buttons? Some websites are designed in a specific way, so the content is spread through a number of pages. Another example is sites that use parallax scrolling. All the content is shown on one page, and the reader only has to scroll down. What happens if you spread out your CTA buttons over those sections?

One of the most common situations is that a user may skip a button or two when scrolling. Or, they might simply miss to see it. Although they are placed in the viewing path, this is bad placement of CTA buttons. They should remain in the viewing path and always be close to one another. That is the best way to make sure that your client sees all the CTA buttons you have.

6. CTA buttons should not have to compete with other elements

CTA buttons drive your sales, increase productivity and speed up your work processes. With that in mind, CTA buttons should never have to compete with other elements on the page. They are much more important, and should always stand out in a clear and presentable way.

If you blend them with other elements, they are forced to compete with them. If they lose, you lose money. Make them the obvious choice.

7. CTA buttons should employ urgency

We are at the end of our list of 7 characteristics of high-converting CTA buttons. The final aspect that we must look at is that CTA buttons should always employ urgency. When a client sees a CTA button, they must understand that there is no time for waiting, or the opportunity might pass. If they understand how urgent it is that they act immediately and press the button, you have a successful CTA button!

Nash is a UX designer, programmer, and marketing content writer. His mission is to help out young entrepreneurs to understand the vitality of online marketing and help them drive their sales and attract customers. In his spare time, he likes to read books, play games, and enjoy the nature around him.