4 Ways to Break Up the Summer Monotony in Your Office

Summer was the most exciting part of being a kid, but as an adult, the dog-days of the hottest season of the year can make your regular work routine feel monotonous. Keeping things interesting in the office when business may slow requires a little innovation and creativity, but these four tips will help you cultivate an environment that makes workers feel motivated.

Offer Fruit-Infused Water

Some tropical refreshments may not replace a week-long island getaway, but your employees will certainly enjoy cooling off with some fresh fruit water. You can also serve up some tasty mocktails and have an at-work happy hour.

Add a Summertime Playlist

Spotify is packed with tons of free summer playlists you can blast in the office to liven up the energy. To make it an exercise in teamwork and creativity, have employees each cultivate their own list and submit their favorite tracks that will be combined into one office-wide summer collaboration.

Create a Breezy Atmosphere

Make sure that you have the right air conditioning services from a qualified HVAC contractor. A cool, comfortable workspace is the first step toward captivating that summer vibe. Once you have the space nice and cool, you should bring in splashes of exciting yellows, serene summer blues and vibrant greens to make people feel more into the season.

Decorations can range from new pillows and summer plants to Party City summer decorations that include a string of colored lights hanging from the receptionist’s desk and summery paper plates and patterned cups stocked in the break room.

Allow Some Outdoor Time

Encourage employees to get up and take a break every few hours. Even just a few minutes outside in the sun can give everyone a healthy dose of vitamin D and boost their moods.

You should also adjust the lighting in your office and make sure it energizes everyone. Dull, dim lights that blend into dull, gray cubicles won’t make anyone feel excited or productive.

Although everyone would most definitely rather be kicking back poolside than sitting at their desk, use your time in the workplace to find “mini vacations” throughout the summer. Host a BBQ for lunch one day; encourage employees to dress in a tropical theme one day complete with grass skirts and flower crowns; offer popsicles and other yummy summer treats in the breakroom. These are just a few ideas to help you bring a little summer relaxation to the workplace.

Anica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. You can connect with Anica on Twitter @AnicaOaks.