5 Tenure Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

If you want to reward your tenured employees, then you can find a variety of ways to do this. Consider these ideas for the best gifts for your tenured employees so that they will feel appreciated and valued in the workplace.

Extra Personal Time Off Days

You can reward your tenured employees with extra personal time off days that offer regular pay. When your employees request this time off, they can use it for any purpose, and it will make the other employees jealous. Make sure to alert your payroll department about this gift so that it is possible for the employees to arrange these personal times off without any problems.

Tickets to a Special Event

Tenured employees will love receiving expensive tickets to a special event, including a ball game or a stage play. You can also give tickets to movies or concerts, but make sure to give multiple tickets so that the tenured employee can bring along a guest.

Gift Basket or Box Assortments

When you want to give your tenured employees an assortment of fun gifts, consider ordering gift baskets or women crates that contain a variety of themed items according to their interests. This can be specific enough to an employee’s interests, but generic enough that you can rotate between several crates for all of your employees. There are crates that everyone can enjoy as they range in what they have.  These types of gifts can include beauty care items, spa goods or tasty foods.

Fun Trips

Give a tenured employee a fun vacation trip to a nearby or faraway destination. You can find bargain-priced vacation packages that only last for a weekend, or alternatively, you can send an employee on a longer vacation, including a cruise.

Gift Cards

Buy gift cards for your tenured employees that they can use at a restaurant, supermarket or store. Make sure to choose gift cards from businesses that are located nearby so that the employees can use the items easily. You can find gift cards that are available in different amounts, making it easy for you to remain in budget.

Plan an Award Party for Your Employees

Make sure to have a party at least once a year for your employees to give them awards for various achievements. This helps to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. You can have the party at work, or you can rent a room at a local restaurant for the event.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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