Is Real Estate Marketing Sold on Social Media?

Most companies and markets use social media as an important part of their marketing, advertising, promoting and branding tools. Real estate is one of these.


With the use of social media and mobile marketing, realtors can find a whole new platform to promote not only their businesses and companies, but also their individual properties.

Mobile Strategies Growing

It’s rare to see a “For Sale” sign these days without some sort of mobile or social media connection to it, whether it’s a mobile phone number, a number to text or a Facebook page.

Most people check out the property on social media before ever contacting a realtor. Mobile strategies and social media are huge tools for expanding value growth in a company and for any business strategy.

As the following article looks at, taking a look around at expert profiles and advice can be a big help for those interested in improving these things, for instance, Jim Decker’s profile is a good one to check into.

Other ways realtors can use social media is through the big platforms and also some other creative measures, like blogs.

Check out some of these ideas:

  • Post new properties on social media – Use both your personal and your professional to post new listings. Give a brief description, location and include at least one photo.
  • Enlist your friends and followers to share your posts – You never know whose Facebook friend may be looking to move into the very area where you just listed a new property.
  • Use more than one social media platform – Reach out through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Pinterest. Remember to change up your posts to fit the personality of each platform.
  • Incorporate a blog – Not only can you include your listings in your blog, but you can also write about buying, selling, and even upkeep and remodels of homes. You can include anything from holiday décor to hot trends in paint colors. This will keep your customers interested in you, so they don’t just think of you when it’s time to buy or sell. This in turn is great for referrals!
  • Stay authentic and engaging – Keep your posts upbeat and positive. Don’t be too modest to post an excited sale. Respond to comments and offer a place your clients can get advice along with a good look at your properties.
  • Be consistent with your posts – Even if you don’t have a new listing, find something relevant to post about, maybe something as simple as “Spring is a great time to spruce up with flowers” and add a captivating garden or flower picture or a “Please remember to bring your pets in during the cold” with a cute dog picture (everyone loves dog pictures). Remember, you can also be a “friend” in addition to a realtor. This also goes with the authentic and engaging part.

Social media has leaped into everyone’s world; you never know where you may hit upon a new client. And one may lead to many more.

Isn’t that what social media is all about?

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers topics including social media, home business and marketing angles.