How To Use Content To Work Smarter with Sales?

Content marketing will change the way you manage your business, and there are many people who will want to use content in a variety of ways to make their company look better. Someone who is using content marketing in the right way can continually use different methods to make their business look great. Content marketing creates exposure, makes brand into household names, and saves a company money.

Nine Steps For The Best Content Marketing That Converts Sales

  1. Start A Blog

A blog is a good way for people to market their company because they can release information to the public with no trouble. You could respond to the public in these situations and will notice that people come by your blog to interact with you more than they could in other places. Blogs are a freeform way of writing, and they make the company must easier to work with.

  1. Hit the pain point

Yes, it is necessary to find the main concerning points of your target audience and develop content accordingly. Suppose if your company provides life insurance then you can create an article on the how responsible dads can keep their family safe.

  1. Use Facebook

Facebook is its own animal when you start doing any form of content marketing. Facebook actually allows you to purchase ads, and you could write articles that are posted to Facebook throughout the day. You might share releases of your new products, or you could link to videos and other things that you want your customers to see. Facebook is one of the more popular places for people to look for information, and people could comment on your posts. The Facebook Messenger is a unique customer service tool that you might use to give instant feedback to your customers.

  1. Use Twitter

Twitter is a place where you can post small bits of information with links. You might use Twitter because you like to be a little bit wittier than your competition, or you could have interactions with other companies on Twitter. You could use Twitter to give vital information to a large group of people, and there are many who will share your tweets throughout the day. You might announce releases on Twitter, or you could post information that would be helpful to your customers.

  1. Use YouTube


YouTube is a place where you can post information in video or commercial form. You might create something that offers tips to your customers, or you could create videos that read like commercials. You might do interviews with people who work in your industry, and you could have a video made that explains how to use an upcoming product. You want people to be intrigued by what your company does, and you could put a face to the name of your company.

  1. Make A Playlist

The playlist that you create for your company could be something that you build through a company like Pandora or Spotify. There are news stations using these companies to make playlists for morning traffic, and you will find radio shows making playlists for their listeners to use as inspiration. People who write or work in the entertainment industry will make their own playlist, and you could make a playlist that people will use while using your service. You might make a playlist for when your customers use the tools you sell, or you could make a workout playlist if your company is in the fitness industry.

  1. Publish Only Your Best Stuff

You must publish only your best content so that your readers grow accustomed to seeing something wonderful. You will confuse people if you release information that is hard to understand, and they might be turned off if you write in an inconsistent style. Only release something that you know will turn the heads of your customers, and remember that you could hire someone to do this for you. You probably do not have the time to do this all by yourself, but you can hire someone to help.

  1. Be Consistent

Your company must post often so that you have a chance to reach people every day. You never know who will run across your blog or website, and you must have something fresh for them to enjoy. You might continue adding items to a playlist, or you could make a new video every day. You must give the public a reason to patronize your business, and you must compel them to keep up with you because of the way that you write, talk, or think.

  1. Create A Voice

You must create a voice for your company that is shown through these many channels. You must give your company a personality, and the personality that people see if what they will remember when it is time for them to buy something. You might have a voice that is funny or snarky, and it might be the thing that your customers love about your company. You might show your customers that you are working hard at being serious, and you could have a voice that changes to solemn during tragedies. You can show the world that you care, and you might use that voice to ask for donations to charity.

  1. Honourable Mention: Hire A Marketer

You must hire a marketer who will help you make the choices that are best for your company, and they might direct much of this effort for you. They know how to help you when you need something written, and they can show you how to create content. Anyone who is using content marketing could pay a small fee to have a marketer do much of this work for them. You might take over some of these tasks once the marketer has shown you what to do.


You can change the course of your business with content marketing, and you must be certain that you have chosen all the right avenues for marketing. You can deploy content marketing tactics every day that make your business stronger, and you will find that you can easily bring in more customers because they are intrigued by what it is you have to say. Make a video, be funny on Twitter, and spread around as much content as you can with a blog that is directed at customers.

4 Ways Twitter Can Build Your Brand

Twitter is the second most popular social media site in the world. It allows us to speak our mind to a ton of strangers, stalk celebrities and make connections with people all over the world at once.

But how can twitter be beneficial to your Marketing Strategy? Twitter is actually an excellent tool which can help you to build up your brand, make a good reputation for yourself and gain loyal followers who will support you throughout. If you haven’t harnessed the full power of Twitter for your business yet, here is how you can do it.

1.Follow your industry

The beauty of Twitter is that it acts as a hub of information for anyone to make the most of and exploit. For you and your brand, Twitter gives you the opportunity to follow the leaders of your industry as well as follow your competitors. This will allow you to stay in the loop with new developments which you can use for your own gain, and it allows you to see what kind of things your competitors are doing.

  1. Contact influencers

Social media influencers are the new celebrity. They are incredibly powerful beings who reside on all corners of the web and share their opinions on life, services and products. Influencers are called so because they can influence their followers to try new products and services. If you can contact a prominent influencer and get them to review your product, you will likely see a huge influx of new customers who come from their audience.

  1. Interact with people

The whole point of social media is to be social and make the most of getting to know your customer base better. Sure, you will want to give off an air of professionalism when you are on social media. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh with your customers at the same time. Take the time to ask your audience what they like, talk about current events and even create a poll to get an idea of the things you could create for them. Your audience are the people who you are trying to sell to, so it is worth getting to know them. You may have seen viral tweets from brands who are funny, relatable and real- and this is what you want to become for your audience.

  1. Stick to a niche

Even though you can branch out and talk about current events such as commenting on a royal wedding or looking forward to a sporting event: you need to do it in a way that fits you brand. If you are a restaurant for example and you want to comment on the Super Bowl, you could create a video which shows you making some football snacks for the big game. This shows that you are a real person, you are in the loop and you will show off your cooking skill. This will get you a lot of new followers and much more engagement than if you simply tweeted about how excited you are for the match.

8 Ways to Get More #Traffic with #Twitter

Twitter is often dismissed by marketers as an unreliable source for website traffic. Why? Twitter doesn’t register as much engagement as Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube does.

Digital marketers should consider social media followers as potential customers who can deliver feedback and help to improve the conversion rate. These 8 tips can help marketers drive traffic from Twitter to your website.

Tip 1: Build authority

twitter_shoutExpand your presence on Twitter. Shout loud so that everyone notices you, and then talk sensibly so that they listen to you.

To build authority, first, you should build credibility. There are millions of fake accounts on Twitter and they are easy to spot. To make sure sure your account doesn’t appear fake, fill out your profile and include some personal details. Use your own photo or an avatar that is meaningful.

Share interesting news all around the world; write microblogs frequently; find key people in your industry and retweet their best tweets (Not all tweets).

It’ll take time, but once you build authority, followers will find you. You won’t have to seek them out.

Tip 2: Selective following

Mass following is not a particularly effective Twitter strategy. Be selective and follow people who share the same interests as you. If you focus on fitness and health, follow others with similar interests; fitness, health, food and lifestyle brands on Twitter. Following automobile brands may be pointless, because you may not find a good cross section among followers who like automobiles and those that are interested in fitness

After you pick a group of Twitter users you want to target, start networking with them. Networking is the key to bring traffic to your site. Networking becomes incredibly difficult when you do not have a  follow strategy.

#Tip 3: Use hashtags

You can increase your tweet’s reach using hashtags. When a particular hashtag is repeatedly used on Twitter over a short period of time, it can appear as a  ‘trending’ topic. Since tweets with hashtags are displayed to all the users, you can gain more visibility and reach by using hashtags appropriately.

You can also use hashtags to target  strategy is to use hashtags that specify niche areas. When you add niche-specific hashtags, your tweets are seen by people who have interest in those areas.

#Tip 4: Twitter analytics

Twitter has a built-in analytics platform that allows advertisers to reach out to targeted traffic with the hope that they’ll ultimately visit their sites and buy their products.

Below is what the Twitter analytics dashboard looks like:


You can see the impressions, engagement rate, and a visual description of the engagement going up and down.

Third-party analytics tools are out there for marketers to use. Such tools are both free and paid. Here’s a list of free analytics tools for Twitter.

#Tip 5: Links in the bio

Let’s say you build a network and your tweets are gaining traction. Are that all for sending traffic to your site? No, you need to highlight the links to your site at every given opportunity.

Marketers suggest putting trackable links to track how many followers are landing on your site from Twitter. Most users put their site links in the website section of twitter profile. For better visibility, the link to the homepage or any other page should be in the bio section too. The bio section is above the website, hence users can see it promptly when they visit your profile and come to your site from there.

#Tip 6: Tweet recycling

This is a relatively new trend and one that is gaining popularity for its effectiveness. The idea behind recycling is posting the same tweet more than once on different days and at different times.

Why should you recycle content? According to Twitter statistics, an ordinary tweet fails to reach even 2% of one’s total followers. This means if you have 1000 followers, then less than 20 people will see your tweets. Now, among those 20 followers, less than 10% will retweet or like your tweet, meaning less than 2 retweets or likes for you.

When you post the same link with different texts or accompanying images, it reaches to more people and the volume of twitter traffic to your site increases.

Tip 7: Add graphics and multimedia

Add video or images to your Tweets to increase your Click Through Rate. A post without images or video has less chance of being shared compared to a post with a visual. Twitter admitted this on its blog. Images drive most engagement. See the infographic below:


A tweet with both texts and images can drive up to 75% engagement. Since engagement is the precondition for traffic from Twitter, sharing images ultimately brings traffic to your site.

Content marketing strategies, aimed at increasing leads strongly support the use of images and videos in posts. Multimedia content is best for driving traffic from Twitter to your site. Twitter introduced Twitter Cards to help with this.

#Tip 8: Promoted tweet

Promoting content on Twitter can be worthwhile when:

  • The content on the site is informative, insightful and will hold users up for long.
  • When you make a new announcement on your site and want users to know.
  • For a product launch or new event.

Promoted tweets can be targeted to thousands of users increasing the probability of your content being seen by more people.

Try one or two, or all, of the tips above and comment on how they worked for you.

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Are You Hungry? Have you Tried Social Media?

social_diningWhether you’re on a business trip or on vacation; eating healthy while traveling is always a top priority.

Luckily, social media is the perfect research tool to find healthy eateries wherever your travels take you.

With social dining in mind, here are just a handful of ways social media can help you eat healthy while you’re away from home:

Reach Out to Friends and Family

Your social followers are a great resource for finding healthy restaurants while you’re traveling. For starters, you can use Facebook to post travel updates and gather healthy dining recommendations from your friends and family based on your location.

Likewise, you can also reach out to your social followers on Twitter. Tweeting questions about healthy eating options around your travel destination is a quick way to get multiple responses, especially if you hashtag your healthy dining pursuits.

If you’re unsure of whether your social friends have been to your travel location, ask anyway. There’s a good chance that if your followers don’t have any recommendations, someone they’re socially connected to probably will.

Follow Food Blogs

There are a number of healthy food blogs that can help you choose healthy dining options before you even embark on your journey.

For example, check out the expert interview with Maria Tadic on eating healthy when dining out. The blog interview mentions choosing smaller portions and healthy side dishes when eating at restaurants.

Following blogs and gathering tips ahead of time will help you make healthy eating decisions even if healthy foods aren’t available. Many health food blogs even offer write-ups on nationwide restaurant chains with the healthiest entrées.

Research Online Reviews

One major benefit that social media has brought to the online table are firsthand customer reviews of just about anything, including restaurants. Sure, you can use review sites like Yelp to find out whether a restaurant is worth a try, but you can also use review sites to find out if certain restaurants are healthy.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just a health-conscious foodie, reading nationwide reviews of restaurants will give you a better idea of healthy eating in your location.

Many reviewers are also posting pictures of dishes and menus, which is another way to help you decide if a restaurant is healthy or not.

Download a Restaurant App

If you take your smart phone and tablet with you wherever you travel, then downloading a healthy restaurant app is a no-brainer. There are a growing number of apps dedicated to eating healthy while dining out, such as HealthyOut and HealthyDiningFinder.

Location-based healthy restaurant apps are a great way to make sure you eat well while traveling.

Most restaurant apps on market also link to social media so users can post their own reviews and add healthy eateries to app search results.

Make Healthy Decisions

Sometimes you’re left with only a handful of dining options when traveling. If the healthy options are slim to none, you can connect to the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This social campaign helps followers make healthy food decisions when eating out. Likewise, the MyPlate campaign also provides tips on healthy eating at home as well as everyday physical fitness.

When you’re ready to hit the road, keep in mind the social pointers above and eat healthy while dining out.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including social media and personal health.

Automakers Pull Forward with Better Marketing Tactics

social_carsWhen it comes to informing drivers about the latest model cars, automakers from every manufacturer are turning to marketing and social media to spread the word.

With the right social media marketing plan in place, automakers are reaching a larger audience than ever before.

Here are just a few ways the auto industry is putting social media marketing in the driver’s seat:

Automakers on Social Media

As social media continues to gain in popularity, entire industries are focusing their attention on social media – including the auto industry.

Some of the top automotive manufacturers in the world are using social media on a regular basis to reach out to customers and promote their brands.

For example, Ford stays connected with its customers by answering questions about its brand on Facebook. The company even promoted the new Ford Fusion with a combination of Facebook and primetime television advertising.

Volkswagen is also jumping on the social media bandwagon by posting videos and photos on Youtube and Pinterest. Likewise, Audi turns to Twitter regularly to increase customer engagement.

With social media, the marketing options are endless.

Showcasing New Models

Creating buzz about a new model release is a top marketing priority for every automaker out there. With social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, automakers can put their newest model cars, trucks, and SUVs in the spotlight well before their release dates.

As the following article looks at, whether automakers want to post an article on 5 new cars that offer great value via Facebook or they want to show sneak peeks of a brand new model SUV on Instagram, social media is the perfect place to grab some serious attention.

Answering Questions and Monitoring Comments

Much like the Ford example above, many automakers are using social media as a real-time FAQ page to answer questions about their brands. Automakers are encouraging their customers to reach out through Facebook and Twitter with any and all questions they might have.

In addition, automakers are also monitoring their social accounts for feedback about their brands. This helps the auto industry predict trends as well as search for possible quality control issues.

Social transparency like this helps automakers build a social presence, which is a big marketing advantage.

Promoting Upcoming Sales

When new inventory starts rolling off the assembly line, automakers have to make sure there’s room on the lot by offering discounts on current models. Social media is an effective way to promote sales events and discounts to a massive audience.

For example, automakers can post everything from year-end deals to price cuts to attractive lease and finance terms through their social accounts.

Creating Brand Loyalty

All of the social media marketing options mentioned above help automakers build brand loyalty. With the amount of competition there is in the auto industry, brand loyalty is more important than ever before.

By keeping up with posts, answering questions, responding to comments, and making social media a go-to communications resource, automakers can create long lasting relationships with their customers.

From Facebook to Twitter and every social stop in between, automakers are driving towards marketing success with social media.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including social media and the auto industry.

Is Real Estate Marketing Sold on Social Media?

Most companies and markets use social media as an important part of their marketing, advertising, promoting and branding tools. Real estate is one of these.


With the use of social media and mobile marketing, realtors can find a whole new platform to promote not only their businesses and companies, but also their individual properties.

Mobile Strategies Growing

It’s rare to see a “For Sale” sign these days without some sort of mobile or social media connection to it, whether it’s a mobile phone number, a number to text or a Facebook page.

Most people check out the property on social media before ever contacting a realtor. Mobile strategies and social media are huge tools for expanding value growth in a company and for any business strategy.

As the following article looks at, taking a look around at expert profiles and advice can be a big help for those interested in improving these things, for instance, Jim Decker’s profile is a good one to check into.

Other ways realtors can use social media is through the big platforms and also some other creative measures, like blogs.

Check out some of these ideas:

  • Post new properties on social media – Use both your personal and your professional to post new listings. Give a brief description, location and include at least one photo.
  • Enlist your friends and followers to share your posts – You never know whose Facebook friend may be looking to move into the very area where you just listed a new property.
  • Use more than one social media platform – Reach out through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Pinterest. Remember to change up your posts to fit the personality of each platform.
  • Incorporate a blog – Not only can you include your listings in your blog, but you can also write about buying, selling, and even upkeep and remodels of homes. You can include anything from holiday décor to hot trends in paint colors. This will keep your customers interested in you, so they don’t just think of you when it’s time to buy or sell. This in turn is great for referrals!
  • Stay authentic and engaging – Keep your posts upbeat and positive. Don’t be too modest to post an excited sale. Respond to comments and offer a place your clients can get advice along with a good look at your properties.
  • Be consistent with your posts – Even if you don’t have a new listing, find something relevant to post about, maybe something as simple as “Spring is a great time to spruce up with flowers” and add a captivating garden or flower picture or a “Please remember to bring your pets in during the cold” with a cute dog picture (everyone loves dog pictures). Remember, you can also be a “friend” in addition to a realtor. This also goes with the authentic and engaging part.

Social media has leaped into everyone’s world; you never know where you may hit upon a new client. And one may lead to many more.

Isn’t that what social media is all about?

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers topics including social media, home business and marketing angles.