Go Social and Design a Better Home Appearance

designYou know you want to do something to update your home, but you’re just not sure what.

Maybe you have a super tight budget and it needs to be all DIY. Perhaps you’ve been setting aside some money and now have a great big budget to really dig in and decorate/redo some of your home.

Even if you have some ideas, it may be tough to really decide what to do, so what better place to find just the right decorating tips than social media?

For the DIY’er:

  • Create a Pinterest board – Ah, Pinterest and decorating – just like peas and carrots, these two go hand-in-hand. Whatever room, whatever project, there are pins on Pinterest. Sure, some may seem a bit out there, but here you’ll find ideas, pictures and links to great blogs that, believe it or not, you can really do yourself. As the following article looks at, from painting outdated trim to redecorating a bedroom to seeing the current new trends in wallpaper design, Pinterest will have you covered. Even if it’s just an idea of how to change the furniture around for an updated look, it’s yours on Pinterest.
  • Ask your Facebook friends – Everyone on Facebook wants to share their adventures in whatever world you ask. If you have an idea brewing, toss it out there on Facebook for feedback. If it’s where to buy furniture on the cheap or the best way to refinish a piece you already have – you can bet that at least one of your Facebook friends has done it before and is happy to share their tale.
  • Read blogs and websites. Check out some blogs on whatever decorating idea you’re looking into. Paint companies have great showcases of current colors and how to work them in your home. Blogging DIY’ers offer great tips and step by step instruction on how to achieve success in a project.

For the non-DIY’er:

  • Go the Pinterest route yet again – You can still benefit from Pinterest for gaining ideas of things you like, like color schemes and wallpaper ideas, room configurations and furniture/accessory styles. You can have a visual to show your decorator what you’ve got in mind.
  • Read the expert blogs – Follow the blogs of decorators you like for current trends and style ideas. You may not realize how many facets of design exist, and by reading up on expert tips, you’ll gain your own expertise to apply to your project.
  • Ask your Facebook friends – Not everyone is a DIY’er, and if you’re looking for a decorator to help you out, your Facebook friends are there to recommend on this level, too. They can share who has done great work for them or what they did pull off themselves. You may even find an amateur designer to help you out.

Decorating your home can be a challenge, but it can also be so much fun.

A small thing, like new wallpaper or fresh paint can make you feel like you’ve moved into a fresh, new home.

Don’t be afraid to tackle a project, and let social media be your designing friend.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who focuses on social media and small business. She loves a great DIY project.